Sangoma S305 Provisioning

The Sangoma S305 IP phone is designed for businesses and organizations with PBX phone systems needing a fully-featured entry-level IP phone at a cost-effective price point. It supports two (2) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) accounts, a full-duplex speakerphone, and has a 192 x 64-pixel backlight graphical LCD display. Zero-Touch auto-provisioning makes it so easy to set up; all you need to do is plug the phone into an internet connection, in or out of the corporate office location. Built-in PhoneApps enable users to control complex features directly from the phone’s display and programmable buttons.

To setup a Sangoma S305 phone, you will need to create softphone credentials for the user who will be using the phone.

  1. Start by clicking on “Users” in your VirtualPBX Dashboard.
    VirtualPBX Dashboard
  2. Under “Devices”, click on the user you wish to add the Sangoma phone.
    User devices in VirtualPBX Dashboard
  3. Click on “New Device”.
    Adding Sangoma Phone in VirtualPBX Dash
  4. Select “Soft Phone”.
    Adding Sangoma Phone in VirtualPBX Dash
  5. The Dash system will automatically create your credentials. You may adjust the device name to your liking.
    Adding Sangoma Phone in VirtualPBX Dash
  6. Record your SIP Username, SIP Password, and Realm – you will need these shortly to use in the Sangoma interface. To display your SIP Password simply click on the text box to reveal it.
  7. Click on “Create Device”.
  8. Next, open a browser and login to the phone’s IP address: Admin / 4221200 (this may vary depending on your provider. Please verify with your system administrator)”.
  9. Click on “Go to the “Account” Tab – “Basic””.
  10. Finally, verify that the settings match the following:
     Sangoma Phone Settings
  11. 1 = Account Active – Yes
    2 = Primary Sip Server – Account Realm
    3 = Outbound Proxy –
    4 = SIP Transport: UDP
    5 = SIP User ID – SIP Username
    6 = Authenticate ID – SIP Username
    7 = Authenticate Password – SIP Password
    8 = DNS Mode – SRV

  12. Click on “Save Settings”.
  13. Congratulations! Your Sangoma S305phone should now be successfully registered.