Ringback (Ring Group Hold Music/Message)

Ringback refers to the music or message people will hear while waiting in a Ring Group. The length of your Ringback music or message must exceed the ring duration of the Ring Group for which it is assigned.

  1. Under Groups, click on the Group Features for the group you wish to add a Ringback for.
  2. This will open the ring group feature menu. Select Ringback
  3. Click Disabled to toggle the Ringback to Enabled.
  4. Once Enabled, you will be able to upload a .wav or .mp3 audio file from your computer. Click Upload.
  5. Select Browse to choose a file from your computer.
  6. Choose your file and click the icon marked below to complete the upload.
  7. You will see a progress indicator as the file finishes uploading.
  8. Select your file from the Ringback media dropdown list and click Save Changes.
  9. You will be sent back to the Groups page where you will now see a musical note icon listed as a group feature. Next click on the Members for the group you added a Ringback.
  10. Here is where you may set the ring duration for each user in the ring group. Remember, you must make sure that the file you have uploaded is longer then the ring duration. If the Ringback greeting is 15 seconds long and the user’s ring duration is set to 20 seconds, then the call will go to the next action (voicemail) after 15 seconds. In this case you would want to loop your file with a audio editor to increase the duration.