Ring Groups

Ring groups are designed to ring to multiple extension owners so that a group of people can answer a call. Phones can ring simultaneously, overlapped, or in series.

  1. How to Create a Ring Group
  2. Dedicated Phone Number
  3. Optional Ring Group Features

How to Create a Ring Group

  1. To create a ring group, start by selecting Ring Groups in the Dashboard.
  2. Click the Add Group button.
  3. Fill in the Group Name and give the group an extension number. Note: The extension number of a Ring Group cannot match the extension number for a user or a voicemail box.
  4. Drag and drop the Users that you want to be a part of the Ring Group and click on Create Group when you’re finished.
  5. Click on the name of the group you just created. You will see an option for Dialing Repeats. This is the number of times a caller will ring to the members of the group before the Next Action feature will take effect. Mouse over the Dialing Repeats box and use the up/down arrows or enter the number of rings you prefer (1-9). Click on Save Changes.
  6. Next click on Members of the group you created.
  7. You will then see the following. From here, there are two options by which you can route your callers. Note: Please make sure that all users have valid/working devices, otherwise the Ring Group may not route the call properly. Follow me calling settings enabled for a user do not apply to calls coming into a ring group. So if a user with multiple devices is in a ring group and a call comes into the ring group all of that user’s devices will ring at the same time.

    • Members Rung in a Series
      • Click Distribute
      • The sliders next to each user will be automatically adjusted
      • Click Save Changes
    • Customized Ring Durations
      • Move the sliders to set up customized ring durations or sequence for every user in the ring group.
      • Click on Save Changes.

Dedicated Phone Number

To have a dedicated phone number ring directly to the Ring Group

  • Click on the box under Phone Numbers. If no phone number is selected inbound callers would get to this ring group by selecting it in an Auto Attendant menu, by dialing the extension manually, or by being transferred to the extension.
  • Select from either a Spare Number or Buy Numbers. Click on Save Changes after you have selected the number.

Optional Ring Group Features

There are several different group features that can be enabled. To begin, click on Group Features and select the feature you wish to enable.


Ringback allows you to have on hold music or hold message play while the inbound caller is waiting to connect to a Ring Group User.

  • To enable, click on Ringback from the Features dropdown and click on the Disabled button to change it to Enabled.
  • Choose from previously uploaded files from the pull down menu or upload a file from your computer by clicking on the Upload button. Please make sure your Ringback Audio is longer than the ring duration for the Ring Group. If the ringback audio is shorter, it will play to the end of the file and then follow the “Next Action”. Click on Save Changes.

Next Action

Next Action allows you to control how Dash should handle the call after offering the call to the various users and no one was able to pick up, for example, sending the caller to a voicemail box.

  • To enable, click on Next Action from the features dropdown and click on the Disabled button to change it to Enabled.
  • Select the option you want to enable and click on Save Changes

Allow Call-Forward

Allow Call-Forward allows the users to press their device “Forward” button to forward a call from this ring group. To enable, click on Allow Call-Forward from the features dropdown and click on the Disabled button to change it to Enabled.

Caller ID Prepend

  • To enable, click on Caller-ID Prepend from the features dropdown and click on the Disabled button to change it to Enabled.
  • Enter the ID name prefix and ID number prefix desired. ID Name is typically the text you wish to have show up. Please note that the Prepend will ONLY show up on VoIP phones. Prepend will not work with cell phones or land lines.
  • Click on Save Changes