Office Holidays

Dash allows you to set up your entire Office Holiday schedule ahead of time so that you can preprogram your calls to route accordingly.

  1. Start by clicking on Main Number from the Dashboard.
  2. Next, click on Office Holidays.
  3. If you will be closed for holidays, make sure the box is checked. Next, click on Add Holiday.
  4. Select Single Day.
  5. Enter a description and the date of the holiday. Click on Save Changes.
  6. You can also select a Date Range when you add a holiday.
  7. Enter a description and the beginning and end dates of your date range. Click on Save Changes.
    WARNING!: Date Range set from Dec 31st – Jan 1st will cause the system to put your system into night mode even outside of the selected dates. To schedule Dec 31st and Jan 1st as Office Holidays, please use “Single day” for each date.
  8. To set a specific day of a month holiday – for example, if you wish to specify a particular day of a month for a holiday, like the 3rd Wednesday of September – you can do so in Dash.
  9. Click on Add Holiday and select Advanced.
  10. Fill in a name for the holiday. Select the month.
  11. Select the week.
  12. Select the specific day of the week. Click Save Changes.