Multiple Auto Attendants

On Dash you can now make use of Multiple Auto Attendants. This allows you to have different main numbers with different greetings or even different menu options.

  1. Start by clicking on Auto Attendants.
  2. Click on Add Auto Attendant.
  3. Give the Auto Attendant a name and an extension number.
  4. Click on Create Attendant.
  5. Click on the wrench icon under Settings.
  6. Notice along the top you have options for Open Hours, After Hours, and Holidays. These tabs will correspond to your settings under Office Hours Strategy and Office Holidays (ie. if you use custom office hours or closed for holidays). Select the time of day you wish to work on. Click on the Virtual Receptionist link.
  7. Configure your Virtual Receptionist.
  8. For full instructions on the Virtual Receptions, please refer to the Incoming Call Handling guide.
  9. Click on the box under Phone Number to assign a number to the Auto Attendant.
  10. Choose either Add from Spare Number or Buy Number. We’ll use add from Spare numbers, but you can refer to the Adding a Main Number guide for the full steps on adding a number.
  11. Please note you can have multiple numbers for each Auto Attendant.
  12. If adding from Spare Numbers, click in front of the box that you wish to use for this Auto Attendant.
  13. Click on Add selected numbers.
  14. Click on Save Changes.
  15. Click on the gear icon next to the phone number.
  16. Here you can update the Caller ID, E911, and Prepend settings.
  17. Caller ID

    • Enter up to 15 characters including spaces for your outbound Caller ID Name. Please be aware this can take up to 3 business days to be fully updated.
    • If you wish to see the Caller ID Name of inbound calls, change this to on.
    • Click on Save Changes.
  18. Prepend allows you to add extra text in front of the inbound Caller ID. This will only show up on VoIP phones and can give you and your staff a hint about what the call pertains to before you pick up.
  19. Enter text in the field provided.
  20. Click on Save Changes.