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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Main Greeting

Main Greeting - VirtualPBX DashThe video shown here will take you through adding a main greeting to your Dash account. We’ve also laid out those steps with screenshots below if you prefer.

Step-By-Step Instructions

In Dash, you have a few options with your Main Greeting: text to speech, upload your own file, record it over the phone, and professional recording services. Each are outlined below. We highly recommend that after setting up your greeting, you call your main phone number to test.

  1. Start by clicking on Main Number
  2. Then click on Incoming Call Handling
  3. Click on the Virtual Receptionist link
  4. On the right hand side you will see the four options for your Main Greeting

Text to Speech

Simply type in your script and Dash will create a synthesized main greeting for you. You will want to identify your company name and tell callers what option to press to route the call to a specific department or person or feature. For example, “Thank you for calling A B C Company. For Sales, please press 1. For Support please press 2. For all other inquiries, please press 3.” After typing your script in the box, click Update and then Click Save.

Upload your Own File

Dash currently accepts .WAV, .MP3, and .OGG file formats for upload. File size is currently limited to no more than 1 MB, which is approximately a 5 minute MP3 file. Choose the file from your computer, click Update, and then click Save.

When preparing files for use with Dash please use the following parameters:

  • 16bit
  • Mono
  • MP3
  • 1 MB max file size
  • 54/64k audio quality

You can use a program like Audacity to record a file on your computer.

If the file you create is too large you can use a tool such as Online Audio Converter to compress the file. This site has a voice recorder option as well.

Record it Over the Phone

NOTE: Recording a greeting over the phone will overwrite the greeting file that is currently in place. For example, if an uploaded file Professionalgreeting.mp3 is in place, and then you call in to record a new greeting over the phone, your main greeting will be Professionalgreeting.mp3 but will be the greeting you just recorded over the phone. File name is unchanged, but the contents will be overwritten.

Call into the system and use your own voice to record a greeting using the custom instructions on this screen in your Dash account. Please be aware that the PINs will vary from Open/Lunch/Holiday /After hours. And to record the specific menus for After Hours for example your system needs to be in After Hours. In other words if your system is currently in Open Hours you will not be able to record the greeting for After Hours.

  1. Go the Main Number, Incoming Call Handling, and click on the VirtualReceptionist link.
  2. Click on Record it over the phone and you will see the following.

The PIN number will vary from account to account and from the time of day (open hours vs lunch hours etc).

Please note that you must have a VoIP phone/device registered to your account. Record the greeting message yourself over the phone, by following the steps below:

  1. Pick up a VoIP phone registered in this account.
  2. Dial your office main number.
  3. Enter this PIN when prompted: xxxx (this will vary from account to account)
  4. Record your greetings / menu.

For Non-VoIP Phones:

By default Dash has the Main greeting restricted to VoIP phones for security purposes. We can change this with the following steps:

  1. Incoming Call Handling will need to be set to go to the VirtualReceptionist
  2. We need an admin on their account to approve for us to “Allow outside recording” so that you can call in from your cell phone or landline to record a Main greeting
  3. The admin must give the person calling the General Pin Number (Under Incoming Call Handling > Virtual Receptionist > Record by Phone). If the person calling is also recording voicemail greeting they will need the voicemail box number, and that VMBox’s Pin Number
  4. The person calling can then call into their main number, dial their main pin number, then voicemail box and pin, and follow prompts to change main voicemail box greeting

Professional Recording Services

Click on the order button and go to Snap Recordings to order a professionally recorded main greeting (or hold music) that you can upload upon completion.