Follow Me Calling

The Follow Me Calling feature allows users to have phone calls follow or find the user over multiple devices. Calls can be sent to VoIP phones, softphones, cell phones, or land lines.

NOTE: Follow Me will override Hot Desking. SMS will not work when Follow Me is enabled.

To make use of this feature, a system administrator will need to follow the instructions below.

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Users.
  2. On the Users page, click on the User Features box next to the user you wish to enable Follow Me Calling on.
  3. A box will expand showing you the available features for that user. Click on Follow Me.
  4. In the pop up, choose to enable Follow Me and click on Save Changes.
  5. Uncheck the boxes under Do Not Ring.
  6. With the phones enabled, click on the green bar next to the phone to adjust the slider. This slider controls how long the particular device will ring for. You can have multiple devices ring at the same time, stagger the durations, or have durations overlap.
  7. When you are finished click on Save Changes.

Usage notes about Follow Me:

Incoming call handling options 2 or 3 that rings to a user, will ring for 20 seconds. Will not use Follow me settings.

Calls to a Ring Group will not follow a user’s follow me settings.

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