E911 Settings

Adding a Web Phone to a User - VirtualPBX DashThe importance of managing e911 settings cannot be understated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team 24/7 to help you set this up at 888.825.0800 or by emailing [email protected]

Please fill out the corresponding physical location that emergency services should travel to in the event that “911” is dialed. By default, the information input into your main number will trickle down to all devices and phone numbers, however, you may choose to set different location information for these.

Main Number E911 Settings

  1. Make sure you are in the Dashboard section of the Admin User Interface.
  2. Click Caller ID.
  3. Select what you would like your default outbound Company Caller ID number to be.
  4. Optionally, type in your desired Company Caller ID name. This is restricted to 15 characters including spaces and will show on outbound calls in addition to your Company Caller ID number.
  5. Input the physical location that emergency response services will receive if any of your VoIP devices dial 911, so long as they follow the default e911 rules (all VoIP devices are set to this location unless specifically indicated otherwise).

Individual Devices/Numbers E911 Settings

By default, e911 information is shared from the main number. Alternatively, you may assign a different e911 address to another phone number and assign that phone number to applicable devices.

  1. To add the e911 address to a number, click on the Numbers menu option from the Dashboard. Select the number you would like to edit from “numbers in use”.
  2. Click the settings gear icon on the right of the number and select e911.
  3. Enter the e911 address for the number and click the “ADD” button to save.
  4. Now that e911 address has been set on the appropriate phone number we need to apply that to the VoIP device(s). Start by clicking on the User menu option.
  5. Click the device you wish to edit and the device name when it appears.
  6. Click on Advanced and select Emergency Caller-ID
  7. Click on Account Default in the dropdown and click “select an e911 number.”
  8. Choose the e911 number you wish to use for this device and click Select. Keep in mind that multiple devices can share the same e911 number.
  9. Once selected the device will use the e911 address associated with the number you have set.
  10. You may now test your device’s e911 settings by dialing 933 from that device. The automated system will then read off the phone number and address that would be given to emergency services should a real call to “911” be placed.