DID Numbers

The following video will take you through adding a DID number to your Dash account. We’ve also laid out those steps with screenshots below if you prefer.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Start by clicking on the Phone Numbers box of the User you wish to work with
  2. On the following screen choose either “Add from Spare Numbers” or “Buy Numbers”
  3. “Buy Numbers” will put the new numbers you select into the Spare Number list. Click on Buy Numbers and choose between local or toll-free
  4. For toll-free numbers, select the prefix you wish your toll-free number to start with (888, 877 etc) then click “Search”
  5. Dash will populate a list of available numbers
  6. Choose the number(s) that you want to add by clicking the “Add” button next to the number
  7. Click on “Buy Numbers”
  8. Click on “Spare Numbers”
  9. Check the box in front of the number you want to add and then click on “Add Selected Numbers”
  10. Click on “Save Changes”