Desktop Softphone Use

  1. Dial Pad
  2. Contacts
  3. User Portal
  4. Available Actions During a Call
  5. Conference Settings

For a comprehensive overview of navigating the features on your VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone, review this handy guide.

Dial Pad

Once you’ve logged in you will see the dial pad. Here are some key features to note when navigating your dial pad.

1: Return to the dial pad
2: View contacts
3: Favorites
4: Call history
5: User Portal
6: Enter a phone number or extension you want to call
7: Click on the phone icon to initiate the call

1: Screen sharing
2: Conferencing
3: Texting / IM
4: Voicemail

NOTE: Please be aware that SMS, conferencing, and screen sharing are available on specific plans. For more information on your plan/changing plans please contact our Account Services team.


On the Contacts tab, you can view your contacts and groups.

1: Search for a specific contact.
2: Add a new contact.

You can also right-click a contact.

Along with the options mentioned previously, you can also add a contact as a Favorite.

Once you highlight a contact you may have the following options:

1: Call the contact
2: Instant Message the contact
3: Text the contact
4: Enter a conference call with the contact

On the Call History tab you can see your call history. If you right-click on a call you have additional options.

User Portal

1: Click here to adjust your conference settings as well as get your conference link.
2: XMPP Photo allows you to upload an avatar photo.
3: Change your login password.
4: Log out of the VirtualPBX Softphone App.

While on a call you have several options:

1: Mute your microphone.
2: Put the caller on hold.
3: Transfer a call.
4: Start a video call.
5: Hang up / end the call.
6: Additional options.

Available Actions During a Call

While on a call you can initiate a transfer by clicking on the transfer button.

The additional options include:

  • Invite to a conference call.
  • Send a text message.
  • Select the monitor you want to share.
  • Copy the phone number.
  • Copy the CallerID.
  • Some features (like video calls/screen sharing) are only available on specific plans. Please contact our Account Services team for more information.

    Enter the extension or phone number of where you want to transfer the call to.

    To cold transfer the call click on Transfer now.

    Or click on the down triangle to the right and select Call First to talk to the person you’re transferring to first (warm transfer).

    Don’t forget you can use the Dash Feature Codes from your VirtualPBX Softphone.

    Conference Settings

    On the user portal click on Conferences (number 1).

    Then click on Configure Settings.

    Default Video Layout

  • Focus: Person speaking is in a larger window, others are in a grid around the speaker. This will switch to an active speaker.
  • Grid: Video images are of equal size in a rectangular grid.
  • Ribbon: Pair speaking is in a larger window, others are in a ribbon below the speaker. This will switch to the active speaker.
  • Townhall: Only person speaking is shown and will switch to the active speaker or whomever the host has assigned.
  • Conference Moderation

    1: Set the moderator PIN
    2: Set participants PIN
    3: Click on the box to enable that the Conference starts only when the moderator joins

    General Options

    1: Title – default is your name
    2: Description enter a description for the conference
    3: Click on the box to send an email summary
    4: Click on the box to enable playing of entry/exit tones

    5: Click on the to toggle is people join muted or not
    6: Adjust the conference screen size
    7: Adjust the conference video layout
    8: Show name tags for participants

    Conference Recording

    1: Click on the box to enable recording
    2: Click to record Audio Only
    3: Enter a Dropbox token
    4: Click to set up Dropbox. This will open a browser window to log in to Dropbox and continue the setup.

    Click Save before setting up the Dropbox Token.