Desktop Softphone Contact Directory

You can now download a directory straight from your Dashboard, that you can apply directly to your VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone. With our newest VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone version release, along with the Softphone Directory, you can see the presence of other Softphone users on your account! Presence shows if a user is currently on a call.

  1. On the Dashboard main screen, you can download the Softphone directory. This will download the directory to your computer.
  2. Next, go to your VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone “Contacts” menu, and then select Import Contacts.
  3. Click on Browse.
  4. Select the file you downloaded for the Softphone Directory and click Open.
  5. Click on Start Import.
  6. Click OK once the process has completed.
  7. Click on the Contacts icon (Symbol of a person) on your VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone.
  8. Click on CSV.

You’ll now see the imported contacts. If you right-click on the CSV, you will have the option to change the group name.

For the Presence feature to properly show up, you will need to make sure you have version or later of the VirtualPBX Softphone app.

You may need to quit the Softphone App and restart it to have everything show up properly. Below are the key indicators to reference:

  • Green checkmark: Available to call. This does not mean the person is actually at their desk, simply that they are not already on another call.
  • Red phone: The person is on another call.
  • Black phone: Call the selected contact.