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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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The video here will walk you through the necessary steps to enable conferencing on your Dash account. We have also provided steps and screenshots, for your reference.

Conferencing - VirtualPBX Dash

Step-By-Step Instructions

In order to enable a conference bridge you must have a phone number set to your main conference bridge. To do this, select Main Number and click on “Main Conference Number” – here you can assign a spare number or buy a new number.

  1. Enable Conferencing for Users
  2. Joining a Conference

Enable Conferencing for Users

To allow users to host their own conferences, follow the steps below, enabling Conference Bridge for each user.

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Users
  2. Click on User Features
  3. Click on Conference Bridge
  4. Click on Enable
  5. Enter Personal Conference Room number and Personal Conference Room PIN
  6. Click on Save Changes

Joining a Conference

  1. Dial the main conference room phone number
  2. Enter the conference room number followed by the # key
  3. Enter the conference room PIN followed by the # key