Caller ID

  1. Company Caller ID
  2. User Caller ID
  3. Dynamic Caller ID
  4. Caller ID Prepend

Company Caller ID

  1. From the Dashboard page, click on the Caller ID button
  2. From the Main Numbers menu, choose the number you want to work with.
    • Please note, this phone number will be:
      • The default number on the account
      • The phone number you see if you uncheck “Keep Original CallerID” on a cell phone or landline device
      • The number that displays on outbound calls via DISA or on your VoIP phones
  3. Click on Save Changes
  4. Fill out the form
    • Note, Company Caller ID name is restricted to 15 characters including spaces or special characters.

  5. Click on Save Changes

User Caller ID

  1. From the Dashboard page click on Users
  2. On the User page click on User Features
  3. Click on Caller-ID Number
  4. Click the toggle, to enable Caller-ID Number
  5. Select the number to show as the User’s Caller-ID number and click on Save Changes
  6. From the User Features dropdown, you will now see the Caller-ID Number icon illuminated

Dynamic Caller ID

  1. To set up your Dynamic Caller ID settings, start by clicking on the the Dynamic Caller ID option in the hamburger menu (3 horizontal bars) on your main VirtualPBX Dashboard screen.
  2. On the next screen, click the Create New Rule button:
  3. Enter the details for your new Dynamic Caller ID rule:
    • Name: Create a unique name for the rule
    • Caller ID to Display: From the dropdown menu select the phone number that you want to be displayed as the outbound callerID. The list will only show numbers on your account.
    • Use Caller ID when feature code dialed matches: Enter a feature code not already used on the system.
      • Then when making a call outbound from a VOIP device on the system, enter this feature code and the area code and phone number you wish to reach. The caller ID will display what was set for that particular feature code.

    • Use CallerID when area code matches: Select the Caller ID you want to have show up from the drop down menu. This selected Caller ID will show when you dial a phone number with the area code you have selected.
      • Select Use CallerID when are code matches
      • Enter the area code you’re interested in.
      • An example: If you select 702 430-6224 for the Caller ID and set the area code to 702, when you make an outbound call to area code 702, the 702 430-6224 phone number will be displayed as your Caller ID.

Caller ID Prepend

Prepend is a VoIP phone feature that allows you to add text in front of the callerID information that shows up a VoIP phone’s display.

You can add prepend to a phone number following these steps.

  1. On your VirtualPBX Dashboard, click on the Numbers tab of your main menu.
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the number you wish to work on.
  3. Select Prepend
  4. Enter the text you wish to add in front of the Caller ID. Then click the Save Changes button.

Prepend with Ring Groups

Note: If you have prepend on a number and the call goes to a group with prepend, the VoIP phone will first show the Group Prepend information and then follow up with the number prepend information — whether or not the number is assigned directly to the Group or as a Main Number.

  1. From your VirtualPBX Dashboard, click on the Groups button in the main menu
  2. Click on the group features box for the group you want to work with.
  3. Click on the Caller ID Prepend option.
  4. Click to enable.
  5. Enter text in the first box, or numbers in the 2nd box. Then click Save Changes

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