Dash Call Recording

Review the video here for a guide on how to enable call recording on your Dash account, or scroll down for a step-by-step guide with a series of screenshots, if you’d prefer.

Step-By-Step Guide

Please note that call recording in Dash does NOT provide any legal disclaimer when enabled by default. Customers wishing to use this feature should update their system greetings or ringback audio to comply with their local and state regulations or laws. If your incoming call handling settings bypass the virtual receptionist, please work with our Support Team to ensure that your calls are being recorded appropriately.

  1. Enabling Dash Call Recording for a User
  2. Listening and Downloading Call Recordings

Enabling Dash Call Recording for a User

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Users.
  2. Click User Features on the user you wish to work with.
  3. Select Customized Call Recording.
  4. Toggle from Disabled to Enabled.
  5. Read the Information message.
  6. Choose the types of calls you want to be automatically recorded. Clicking “On” next to any option will enable that type of recording.
    Internal = within your account, i.e. user-to-user
    External = calls to/from people outside of your account
  7. Choose the format for your call recordings and click Save Changes.

Listening and Downloading Call Recordings

  1. To listen or download your recordings log into recordings.virtualpbx.com with your admin Dash Credentials
  2. You may sort by phone number or date and download or listen to your recordings right from your browser

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