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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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ATA Adapters

An ATA adapter is simply a converter box that allows you use an analog phone via your internet connection. On one side of the ATA adapter, you plug in the analog phone, on the other you plug in the network cable that is connected to your router.

  1. Click on the user’s “Devices” for the User you wish to work with.
  2. Click on New Device.
  3. Select ATA.
  4. This will open a box that will ask you to first name the device. Next it will provide you with the “SIP Username”, “SIP Password” and “Realm”. This information will need to be manually provisioned into your device. You will need to reference the device manufacturer’s instructions to complete this step.
  5. The Advanced menu contains settings for Audio, Restrictions, and Emergency Caller-ID. These can be adjusted as you see fit or simply left as is.
  6. Audio allows you to select alternate codecs.
  7. You may add restrictions as you see fit, by default all settings are allowed.
  8. By default, your emergency caller ID will be the same as your account default.
  9. Click Create Device when you are finished.