Algo Paging System Provisioning

We recommend that you start by making sure that your Algo device has the most recent version of the firmware. Please note that updating the firmware may change the screen images that we present here. The purpose of the fields should be the same regardless of version.

  1. Create a 3rd party softphone in Dash
  2. Go to Users
  3. Click on the devices box for the user
  4. Click on Add New Device
  5. Click on Softphone
  6. You’ll see a warning message related to wireless technology and E911
  7. Enter the Device name
  8. Copy the SIP Username
  9. Click on the SIP Password to reveal the password
  10. Copy the SIP Password
  11. You will need the SIP Username and Password and Realm to setup the ALGO device.
  12. Login to the ALGO interface
  13. Go to the Basic Settings Tab
  14. Click on the SIP tab