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ACD Queues

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Adding Agents
Adding a Queue
Managing Queue Status in the Dashboard
Feature Codes
Advanced ACD Queues

Adding Agents

Only administrators can create, delete, and edit queues and users, but both users and administrators can be agents in a queue.

  1. Before creating a queue, ensure all users have been added to your system. For help, follow our Adding Users guide.
  2. After the user is created, add a device to your user. The device must be a VoIP device, Web Phone, or Softphone App. If a user only forwards calls to cell phones or landlines, queue calls will not route to them. If they include forwarding in their follow-me calling settings, queue calls will skip those devices.

Adding a Queue

  1. Once your users have been setup, go to the upper right corner and hover over the dropdown menu to select Queues. This will open the ACD Queues screen. Click on “Add New Queue” in the upper-right of this screen.
  2. You will be given the option to assign a phone number or an extension to the queue. If you would like to use a phone number, you may buy a new one at this point or choose from your spare numbers list.
  3. To make sure that you are not using a current extension number on your account when opting to use an extension number, you’ll be given the following search screen to see what is available. Once you have chosen your extension number click “select extension”.
  4. Now you’ll need to set the initial configuration of the queue. These options are not set in stone and can be changed after the queue is created. Here, you are given four options for queue routing strategies:
    • Most Idle: This rings to whomever has not answered a call in the longest amount of time. Please note that if an agent logs in, they will become first in line. Marking an agent away will maintain their position for their return.
    • Round Robin: Distributes calls around as if your users are in a circle. If someone logs in, they are slotted into the circle at a random position.
    • Least Calls Offered: Adds an agent’s [Answered Calls + Missed Calls] and chooses the agent with the smallest number. If one or more agents [Answered Calls + Missed Calls] have the same number, round robin behavior initiates between those users.
    • Least Calls: Offers call to the agent with the least [Answered Calls]. If that number is equal to another agent’s, round robin behavior initiates between those agents.

  5. Now that a queue is created, the next step is to add agents into the queue. Click on the queue to expose the dropdown.
  6. Next click on “Add Agents”.
  7. Drag and drop the agent(s) from the available section to the selected section and save changes.
  8. Now your Agents will be able to use their login email and password to access the Queue interface, log in and out of the queue(s), mark themselves ready and away as needed.

  9. Managing Queue Status in the Dashboard

    1. Sign in as normal
    2. Click on the hamburger/menu icon (3 horizontal lines)
    3. Click on Call Queues
    4. To login, in click on Begin Session in the top right corner.
    5. By default you will start in Away status.
    6. Next click on the phone icon next to the status.
    7. Select the devices you wish to answer calls with. You will only need to do this the first time you log in.
    8. Now click on the status bar to set yourself to ready.
    9. You are now ready to take calls from the call queues.

    Feature Codes

    Agent Login *20
    To login to your call queue, press *20 then press send on your registered VoIP phone

    Set Agent Ready *21
    To change your status to Ready to receive calls, press *21 then press send on your registered VoIP phone

    Set Agent Away *22
    To change your status to Away, press *22 then press send on your registered VoIP phone

    Agent Logout *23
    To Logout out of your call queue, press *23 then press send on your registered VoIP phone

    Advanced ACD Queues

    Interested in ranking your agents by skill level? Or perhaps your Support Team is divided by escalation tiers? Our experts have experimented with all manner of queue options and are standing by to make your ACD Queues perfect for your needs. To get started, give our Sales Team a call at 888.825.0800, Option 1, email [email protected], or chat with us live here!

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