Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Account Conversion Requests

Life happens, we get it. Sometimes changes in business mean that a new arrangement with your business phone need to change too. No problem. We’re here to help should you need to change your service plan, add or remove the features and options on it, or even change the method of billing.

To alter your plan features or services, please contact our Customer Support team, but for conversions in your billing arrangements, you’ll need to begin that process by completing the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the billing contact or account owner can submit a conversion request form. If you have any questions, please contact the Billing department at 888-825-0800, option 5, or via email at [email protected]

Monthly & Annual Billing Information

You have a choice to pay monthly or annually. Please review the two offerings below:

Monthly Plans:

  • All charges are billed monthly
  • Plan renews automatically each month
  • Cancel at any time with only the current month’s charges being due – monthly fees are not pro-rated

Annual Plans:

  • Plan fees and some other items such as regulatory recovery fees are charged for one year in advance
  • Plan renews automatically each year
  • You will still receive a monthly bill for some items, such as taxes, e911, options like additional line and/or phone number fees
  • If you cancel before your first year is over, we will refund the difference between your annual payment and the amount you would have paid at the monthly rate (minimum 4 months), less 20% of the annual amount

By clicking Submit, you confirm that you have read and agree to all items on this form and are a billing contact for this account with authorization to make billing and plan changes.