Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Other Features

Call Blocking

This feature lets you identify certain phone numbers, exchanges or area codes from which you will not take calls. In addition to saving you time and frustration from spammers, Call blocking saves you money, because you don’t have to pay for incoming calls you don’t want. Wouldn’t it be nice to ignore some calls when you know the caller is just trying to harass your employees? Wouldn’t you like to save money by not paying for calls from an area where you can’t do business? Does your existing PBX system give you this capability? You can get it from VirtualPBX.

Dynamic Operator Assignment

VirtualPBX gives you the flexibility to change who the “operator” is at any time. Most PBX systems route calls to specific phones, not to people. Our virtual system can route the call to any phone, anywhere, and can change the phone number to which calls are routed for a particular extension at any time. If your normal operator is going to be out for a while, simply re-assign the extension that is called when someone dials “0” for the operator through our browser-based web tool.

Web Callback

It can be expensive to make calls when you are traveling. Hotel rates are usually high, and often include a large fee just for initiating a call. International travel is even worse, and you never know what rate your international calls will be billed at. Avoid phone expense shock at checkout by having your VirtualPBX system call you, a call originated in the United States with low rates and no initiation fees, and use the system to place outgoing calls for you. You can access this feature through our web tool from any computer with internet access. Once our system calls you, you can make as many calls as you want before you close the session.

Virtual Calling Card

If you need to make calls that will not be billed to the phone you are calling from, you can call your own toll-free number and ask your VirtualPBX system to place the calls for you. This feature is password protected and tracked by user extension, so you can eliminate abuse. It’s perfect for calling from a friend’s house, a hotel, or a pay phone. And you don’t need to keep track of special code numbers and dialing strings, you just dial yourself.

Real-Time Reporting

Managing your phone system is important to both business efficiency and cost control. If you don’t know how many calls are coming in, how many are being handled, or how long callers have to wait to be connected, how can you improve your response? Also, phone expenses need to be controlled or they can seriously hurt your business. VirtualPBX will give you complete, real-time records of all calls that come into the system, including call date and time, the incoming Caller ID, what extension or ACD queue the call was routed to, the caller ID of the phone that answered the call, how long the call was, and more. This information is delivered to you electronically in two formats—an easy-to-read HTML format that you can view from your web browser, and a text version that you can enter into other programs for processing.

Multi-Stage Dialing

Multi-stage dialing lets you use your VirtualPBX system to unify and integrate businesses with more than one location at a very low cost. Many businesses have more than one branch office and must either give callers multiple numbers to choose from in order to get to the office they really want, or pay for very complex and expensive equipment that unifies the different branches under a single number. Your VirtualPBX number can serve as the umbrella under which all of your offices operate, even if you have hardware PBX’s installed in some of your branches, at a small fraction of the cost of other solutions. By using multi-stage dialing, incoming calls can be routed to and through existing hardware PBX equipment to get directly to the correct employee extension in other systems.