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Voice and Fax Mail

Never Full

Many systems have limited voicemail storage, and callers often get a recording that tells them they cannot leave a message because the voice mailbox is full—which can be embarrassing and unprofessional. It also means that important messages aren’t left, and callers feel frustrated and unsure of what to do next.

With VirtualPBX®, your callers never have to hear that recording. We automatically open more message space for you when your space gets full, moving older messages out to make room for newer messages. The older messages are kept for seven days, giving you ample time to retrieve them.

Centralized Messages

Some people have several phones, each with its own voicemail. When they want to check their messages, they have to search through each system separately. VirtualPBX® lets you centralize all the messages in one place. Using follow-me calling, your calls can be routed to any phone you choose, and if you don’t answer at any number, callers are sent to your personal voicemail. The callers hear your custom greeting, and then can leave a message in your personal, centralized mailbox. You don’t have to search through multiple systems, you just look in one place.

Voicemail Interrupt

Just like the answering machine at home, every VirtualPBX® extension can now listen to callers as they leave a voicemail message. A call can then be picked up at anytime by simply pressing the ‘#’ key.

Personal Greetings

Instead of canned messages, VirtualPBX® allows you to customize the greeting that you give callers. Let your personality shine through. Be professional or laid-back, it’s your choice. You record your own voicemail greeting, so callers hear your voice and you can say anything you want.

Phone, Email, and Web Notifications

Many times, knowing that you’ve got messages is critical. The VirtualPBX system includes multiple ways to let you know a voice message or fax is waiting. You can receive email notification and web alerts. You can even be notified you’ve received new voice or faxmail messages with a text message to your cell phone.  In addition, your voice and fax messages can be automatically sent to any email addresses you choose.  So you don’t really need to call in or log into get messages, just check your email!

Fax Viewing Options

VirtualPBX® handles incoming faxes automatically, without the need for a fax machine. The faxes are delivered as .pdf files, and can be viewed through our web tool, or forwarded to your email for viewing.

Automatic Callback

Many times we want to call back the person who left us a voice message, but the caller didn’t leave a phone number. With VirtualPBX®, you can return a call to the phone number from which the message was left at the push of a button. Our phone menu tells you how.