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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Extension Manager App

Extension Manager AppVirtualPBX Extension Manager

The VirtualPBX Extension Manager app gives you fingertip control over the extension settings that people use most. Functions include call routing, logging in and out of ACD Queues, updating the phone list where you want to take your calls, and more. Using the Extension Manager app is fast and easy – even easier than logging in online. The app is free, and is available from the App Store and Google Play.

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Manage your extension from your iPhoneCall Routing & Follow-me Calling

Just like using our vConsole management tool, you can change the phone numbers to which we route your calls, change the default number we try first, and turn follow-me calling on or off. Each number can be chosen as the default number by touching it. You can also edit these numbers or add a new VoIP number, SIP URI, or domestic phone number.

Follow-me calling can be enabled or disabled by using the On/Off switch – just like you see in this image. Or, if you’re in a meeting (or a movie) and don’t want to receive any calls from our system, just turn on the “Mark Unavailable” switch, and we’ll route all your VirtualPBX calls directly to voicemail. Both of these switches are available in your default screen for easy access.

ACD Queue Login & Presence Management

ACD queue login and presence managementThe VirtualPBX Extension Manager App also makes it possible to control your presence in any of your system’s ACD queues from your iPhone. You can log in and out of queues as needed, just by flipping the switch on the appropriate queue. Through the use of our intelligent queue algorithms, we then reduce caller hold times by not forcing calls to extensions where no one will answer. In other words, if you’re not “In”, we won’t send you calls from the queue and won’t waste your callers’ time. This means better efficiency for your business, and makes your callers happier. iPhone- based queue presence management is exclusive to VirtualPBX.

Try out the VirtualPBX Extension Manager App. We’re sure you’ll like it a lot. Everything is instantly available and updated with just a touch on the screen. And you can manage multiple accounts from the app, too. Just go to the account page and add another account.