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Talk With Our Team to Devise Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Use PBX Parachute to strengthen your business continuity plan and take advantage of customizations like emergency hotlines for employees.

Put Your Disaster Recovery Plan into Action

There isn’t a one-size solution when it comes to protecting your business. Each company has different needs, priorities, budgets, and a litany of other distinguishing considerations. However, in any business, continuity will always hinge on maintaining open lines of communication.

And for companies who haven’t switched to a hosted telephone service like those provided by VirtualPBX, that means adding a virtual redundancy system in place should their current platform become inoperable or inaccessible.

PBX Parachute carries any business with a vulnerable telephone system to safety. Get started with PBX Parachute today – it’s as easy as referencing your company’s telephone directory.

To get started with PBX Parachute, fill out the form above and our team will follow-up shortly to discuss your needs and go over the next steps outlined below.

PBX Parachute

Next Steps: What to Expect

Once you complete the form above, you’ll receive an easy to follow form that tells us exactly how you want your back-up phone system to operate. You’ll just need the contact information of mission-critical individuals and features that you want to keep up in the event of an emergency. After you send the completed form back, we get started on our end and will have an on-boarding expert reach out to you to go over any configurations like:
  • How many extensions in your company will be included in the backup phone system?
  • How many different sites do you want protected?
  • Do you want to replicate your existing call routing structure?
  • Would you like to order any special greetings?
  • Do you have any other special concerns you would like us to address?
Before you know it you’ll be finished and moving forward, secure in the knowledge that you have prepared your business to stay afloat no matter what lies ahead.