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Network Hardware

We’ll never be able to pinch-hit in your lineup, but we can make sure your business communications are never on your “to do” list. Providing crystal clear sound and service is more than building a world-class system, it’s also making sure your network is operating at its best. And relying on these pieces of recommended network hardware is the best way to ensure that’s the case. That’s why we have scoured and tested the burgeoning landscape of telecommunications equipment to bring you the best selection available. Whether it’s our curated list of the best VoIP telephones or these category-leading network hardware devices, you can rest assured knowing that you’re picking equipment that will arrive ready to maximize your business communications system. These products arrive pre-programmed, ready to plug-and-play. You’ve got bigger fish to fry, let us handle your network. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started with a free quote.

Netgear Routers

Sonicwall Network Hardware

Ubiquiti Network Hardware

Peplink Network Hardware

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Between the flexibility of our Business Phone Plans and the huge variety of options and features that they come with, we have the right business phone system for any budget. We can also offer you these great prices without VirtualPBX service. To get started, fill out the form and we’ll send a free quote your way.

  • Standard shipping and handling fees will be applied per device
  • Customs fees may be applicable for routers shipped outside the U.S

Experiencing Network Issues?

Get lightening fast speed with VPN for VoIP Service. If your office experienced challenges switching to VoIP or you have ever had call quality issues like one-way audio, static, or dropped calls, your network may need assistance. That’s where the VPN for VoIP Service with Peplink comes in. When the multi WAN router from Peplink is combined with VPN for VoIP, your business gets an ironclad pathway for all of your voice communications, no matter what else happens to your regular internet traffic. By creating an impenetrable VPN tunnel that routes voice traffic to a VirtualPBX-hosted environment, VPN for VoIP directs voice traffic through your ISP without throttling the rest of your internet traffic.


1. These routers are only recommended for small to medium-sized office networks with the correct settings implemented. Download router settings here.

2. We highly recommended that these routers be set up with a dedicated ISP for VoIP devices and appropriate bandwidth. Any other traffic, servers, or usage of the ISP utilizing the phones is not supported by VirtualPBX.

3. It is likely that you will need to set your ISP provided Gateway (modem/router combination device) into bridge mode. Please contact your ISP for help when putting your device into bridge mode, offering a standard modem, or opening a pinhole for the router.