The TrueACD Tour

Whether you want a more professional image, a faster connection for your callers, better employee teamwork, or improved efficiency, TrueACD Queues from VirtualPBX can help. While there are partial solutions delivered by companies who employ simple hunt groups, those solutions have limitations, especially if you plan on receiving more than one call at a time.

A TrueACD Queue and a basic hunt group have several specific, key differentiations-

  • TrueACD Queues automatically adjust for employees who are on a break and do not route calls to them during this time, hunt groups dial indiscriminately
  • TrueACD Queues allow employees the use of multiple phone lines and route calls to available employees only. When an employee is on another line in a hunt group, the system doesn’t recognize they’re on another call and the hunt group line will keep ringing until it is picked up or transferred to voicemail
  • TrueACD Queues can be programed to recognize heavy inbound traffic and automatically enlist other numbers that you have identified as appropriate reinforcements
  • TrueACD Queues can be programed to wait only as long as you determine they should for each number in its sequence

Less Caller Waiting

Intelligent queues mean faster connections. No matter which routing logic you decide to rely on, your callers will always be automatically routed to their most immediate and appropriate representative. When your callers enter into the TrueACD Queue system, it already considers all of their possible options and intuitively sends them to where they can best be serviced. TrueACD Queues can accomplish this because, unlike basic hunt groups, they don’t merely rely on a simple list of numbers and look at each line in a vacuum, but rather they always consider the entire list of extensions for each caller.

TrueACD Queues Typical Hunt Groups
Less Caller Waiting Y N
System recognizes which employees are already on a call Y N
Employees have the ability to mark themselves unavailable Y N
Smart routing only to available employees Y N
Faster call answers Y N
Less idle time for employees Y N

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Keep your team moving strong with features built for them. TrueACD Queues can improve the way your team works by regulating their workflow. Designate call load between the veteran members of your team from those with less experience to keep your stars on the field when you need them. Ensure that the cadence of calls received is never too great to manage, even during periods of high call volume. And set your team up to operate healthily and efficiently under any circumstances. More efficient and equitable distribution of workload results in increased employee and caller satisfaction.

TrueACD Queues Typical Hunt Groups
Four queue routing options Y N
Load Balancing Y N, Some have randomization
Equal use of all employees Y N
Skills Based Routing Y N
Agent ranking Y N
Hierarchy routing: best agents get more calls Y N
Overflow queues: allow managers and others to help when busy Y N
Allow groups to assist each other when load is heavy Y N
Agent Wrap-Up Time Y N

More Customization

Make your phone system fit your business. Each queue can be customized to the exact specification of the department it goes to. You can customize everything from limiting the amount of time callers wait on hold, to the maximum number of callers allowed into the holding queue, even to decentralized voicemail and hold messages that are specific to any particular queue. Plus, you can do all of this in real time and without an engineer or member of your IT staff from the convenience of our intuitive web portal.

TrueACD Queues Typical Hunt Groups
Easily adjustable limits for caller hold times Y N
Set limits for number of people on hold Y N
Lower costs with less holding Y N
Custom recordings, different for each queue Y N
Custom music for each queue Y N
Custom voicemail for each queue Y N
Call preview information Y N
Employees know which queue the call is from Y N
Call screening Y Sometimes
Protect calls from being answered by someone else Y N
Easy integration into home environments Y N
Truly professional image for your company Y N

Better Management

Manage all the details without micromanaging. TrueACD Queues give you access to the most intricate details of your team’s operations yet can be programmed to provide as much autonomy to each employee as you would like. By establishing the parameters and permissions within your call center and then automating or handing-off the tasks that you don’t need to have your hands on, you free yourself to focus on other tasks while empowering your employees at the same time.

TrueACD Queues Typical Hunt Groups
Presence management Y N
Employees can control their own presence Y N
Managers can control employee presence Y Manually add/delete phone numbers
Automatic routing based on employee presence Y N
Reduce caller hold time Y N
Real time queue monitoring Y N
Know which employees are taking calls Y N
Find out how long callers have been on hold Y N
See how long employees have been waiting for a call Y N
Employees can see a list of missed calls Y N
Reports and charts to help manage your business Y N
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