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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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No matter the time, no matter your location, our team backs your business communications around the clock with free phone, email, and chat support.

Voicemail Only Plans

Save During Your Off-Season with Voicemail Only Plans

Voicemail Only PlansSeasonal businesses or any businesses that need to put a pause on regular activity know how difficult it can be to scale their operations up and down. With VirtualPBX, you can rest assured that at least your phone system will be easy to scale. Voicemail Only Plans help you save on expenses and allow you to maintain an open line to your business.

Better Than Dormancy Mode – Keep Your Lines Open

When a phone number is put in dormancy, callers are greeted with an alert that the number is not in service and the call is then dropped. On Voicemail Only Mode, callers are greeted with a message of your choosing and the caller can then leave a voicemail message. We’ll send those voicemail messages to the email address(es) you designate – it’s as simple as that! Now, here’s how you save:

  • Voicemail Only Plans cost $5 per month and include your first local or toll-free phone number.
  • Need Voicemail Only Mode for longer than a few months? Pay annually and we’ll give you two months for free ($50 per year with annual up-front payment).
  • Each additional local or toll-free phone number costs $1 per month.
  • International phone numbers cost $19.99 per month.
  • 60 minutes are included per month and each additional minute costs 5¢.
  • Digital Faxing and Call Logs are included, too!

Start Your Voicemail Only Plan

Don’t greet your customers with a dead-end just because business isn’t active right now. Start your Voicemail Only Plan today and receive your voicemail messages to email address(es) where you can manage inquiries as you see fit. Fill out the form below and our team will be in touch with you shortly.