Voicemail Notifications

Simple Messaging: Message Notifications

Melissa’s therapy practice is going strong and she needs to know when new referrals come in but she can’t keep her mobile on during sessions. To handle messages in a timely manner, Melissa gets email notifications sent to her assistant whenever a new voicemail is left.

With all of the communications options that are available through a unified communications solution like Dash, it means that voicemail isn’t as heavily relied-upon as it once was. That being the case, when a voicemail does come in you can’t afford to miss it. Dash Voicemail Notifications let you assign emails to receive notice of a new voicemail message. You can have individuals or even whole teams receive notifications and that way nobody gets lost in the spiderwebs. Best part? Your voicemails are attached to the email as a sound file, so you can handle them as easily as you handle your inbox and forward the message on if necessary.

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