Valet Parking

Handle Calls Your Way: Valet Parking

John customer service call has questions out of his expertise that Ellen or Amir, who are both on other calls, could answer. No problem. John Valet Parks the call and shoots a message to them both to snag the call when either is free. John uses Valet Parking, John is smart, be like John.

Dash likes the night life, he likes to boogie. Being no stranger to the limelight or the red carpet, Dash also knows how awesome using a valet can be. Similar to Personal Parking, Valet Parking is an advanced method of call transferring that permits all extensions on a system to remain open irrespective of the on-hold call. Unlike Personal Parking that sends a caller to wait in a queue for a specific employee until she answers, however, Valet Parking allows an employee to park a call that can then be picked-up by anyone on the company’s system. This is accomplished by parking the call via the keypad command for valet and then Dash will prompt the entry of that code to pick-up that particular call. The parked call’s code can then be shared via Intercom, internal messaging tools like Slack or Hipchat, or any other method that works for your team. These codes allow for multiple calls to be parked and then answered as employees become available to receive them.

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