Our Newest Release:
VirtualText App

Share business numbers across team members to enhance communication with customers, associates, and more.

Use this app by itself or in conjunction with the browser version so you can work across devices without skipping a beat. The VirtualText App brings the ease, convenience, and increased engagement of texting into your business.

  • Send and receive text messages on your main business phone number and let users text from their individual local or toll-free phone numbers
  • Share phone numbers across team members to share the workload
  • Integrate with your favorite tools and services to send the right message at the perfect moment
  • Save common replies to guarantee excellent customer experiences and even reply automatically on keywords like CONFIRMED or YES
  • Send and receive messages and picture messages (MMS) to/from any cell phone number in the continental United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico


Solve Business Needs:

  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Managing curbside delivery notifications
  • Confirming delivery orders with location photo
  • Sending campaign or event updates
  • Capturing photos for service quotes or inspections
  • Sharing numbers across team members

Canned Auto Responses

Setup auto responses to keywords and have your platform do the work to get the information you need.

Picture Messaging (MMS)

Enhance your text message campaigns with product images, event fliers, and other rich media.

Multi-User Texting

Assign administrative rights to certain users and let them help you manage all other sub-accounts.

Improve Your Business with Texting Service Today!

We are driven to make your business better. In fact, we’re so confident that texting will elevate your business that we include it in our free trials. 14-Day Free Trials are available on both Flex and Pro Plans in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico and you get access to all of those plan’s features.

Choose Your Plan

per user/month


per user/month

  • Unlimited Local Minutes
    Unlimited Local Minutes
  • 4.9¢ Toll-Free Minutes
    4.9¢ Toll-Free Minutes
  • 3 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
    3 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
  • Unlimited Business Texting
    Unlimited Business Texting
  • Auto Attendant and Digital Fax
    Auto Attendant and Digital Fax
  • Ring Groups
    Ring Groups
  • Call Recording and AWS Storage
    Call Recording and AWS Storage

per user/month


per user/month

  • Unlimited Local Minutes
    Unlimited Local Minutes
  • 1,000 Toll-Free Minutes
    1,000 Toll-Free Minutes
  • 5 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
    5 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
  • ACD Queues Pro
    ACD Queues Pro
  • API and Advanced Call Reports
    API and Advanced Call Reports
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
    Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Plus All Flex Plan Features
    Plus All Flex Plan Features

with a quote


with a quote

  • Unlimited Local Minutes
    Unlimited Local Minutes
  • 2,500+ Toll-Free Minutes
    2,500+ Toll-Free Minutes
  • 10+ Toll-Free or Local Numbers
    10+ Toll-Free or Local Numbers
  • Dynamic Caller ID
    Dynamic Caller ID
  • Custom Call Flows
    Custom Call Flows
  • Bundle with SIP Trunking
    Bundle with SIP Trunking
  • CRM Integration
    CRM Integration

This feature is included in our Flex, Pro, and Premier Plans. Review our complete pricing and add-on feature list on the Plan Comparison page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are messages saved in my VirtualText App? 
Messages are stored for one year, but you may also export messages manually or create automations if you must retain them longer.

Do my users need numbers of their own even if we plan on sharing the main number?
Yes, every user must have a unique phone number and every phone number must be attributed to a user. This might be a personal DID number, a main number, or any other number in your account. In the case of main numbers, you may assign it to a person or create a new “user” for the main number. Once a user has been created in the VirtualText App, you may extend the right to share other phone numbers already in the app.

What happens if I change my number? Do I lose my contacts or messages?
Nope! Your contacts, message history, and settings remain the same. Though we do recommend to let your contacts know you’ll be messaging them on your new number.

Can I use my existing phone number?
Yes! You can transfer your existing phone number.

Will my contacts or messages be shared with other users? 
This comes down to number sharing. If your number is shared with other users in your account, they will be able to toggle to your number and see contacts, messages, and canned responses saved on that number. If the number is not shared, it will be private to you.

Can I archive or delete messages?
Yes. Archiving messages clears them from the app until a new message is sent or received on that number. Deleting removes them permanently from the app.