Personal Parking

Handle Calls Your Way: Personal Parking

Beth’s annual company charity run is being flooded with sponsorship opportunities. Beth’s receptionist needs to keep his line open for incoming calls so he parks donors on Beth’s extension to be answered when she’s ready.

Personal Parking is Dash’s new spin on a tried and true staple of telephone communications, the call transfer. What makes this a revolutionary step in modern telephony, however, is that unlike traditional call transfers, Parking prevents the caller who is waiting to be transferred from tying up any of your other users. With Personal Parking, all calls that are Parked for a user are effectively set aside in the eyes of your Dash system until the time that the user can get to them. This gives the employee who received the parked call the opportunity to wrap up his or her original call, look up any information that will be needed once they pick up, or run to the coffee machine.

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