Outbound Caller ID (CNAM)

Personal Preferences: DASH: Outbound Caller ID (CNAM)

AAA Bail Bonds’ billing department likes to keep their own employees’ personal contact info secure but want to keep the ad sales team listed on all of their outbound calls. Managing Outbound Caller ID keeps this straight so that people can stay anonymous when they want to.

CNAM (“Calling NAMe”) is an acronym that the telecom industry uses to describe how outbound calls are identified by receiving numbers. Dash understands you aren’t a robot so we’re just going to call them Outbound Caller ID’s. Just as they they sound, these are the names and numbers that pop-up on caller ID for your employee’s outbound calls. You can assign the values here to be anything you want from anonymous to a general number for your business and business name. You can also indicate certain departments like “AAA Bail Bonds Billing” or “Acme Tech Customer Service” but you can also make them specific to the employee making the call, too. Popular with sales teams, especially those who use Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) numbers, Outbound Caller ID can read as the account executive who is making the call to keep their prospects clear on who they’re dealing with. And again, to be clear, Dash totally understands if you want to keep a more general appearance like AAA Bail Bonds does. We can’t blame you.

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