Main Business Number

Phone Number Options: Main Business Number

1-800-Unclog-U is more than just your plumbing company’s awesome vanity number. Your Main Business Number is the hub from which you can arrange an incalculable amount of custom features in the all-new Dash!

Your Main Business Number is the more than just the number you’d have on most of your contact info or business cards, it’s also the home of a host of different functions in the all-new Dash. From main business number management portion in Dash you control all of the first steps that an inbound number goes through on its way to your employees. Additionally, unlike older systems, this is also where you can buy new numbers directly from the main business number management portal. The intuitive platform that your number search begins from is also where you toggle number activation. For example, if you want to have a series of sequential numbers for all of your various needs as you see your company growing you can assign them to your account but leave them inactive until you need them down the road. Basically, Dash will let you call dibs on numbers you like, even if you’re not ready to use them yet. Yeah, Dash has your back.

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