Handle Calls Your Way: Intercom

Brian’s Bodyshop has a small retail footprint and he often needs to have cashiers call the garage/warehouse for inventory checks. Intercom makes that fast and easy where dialing the shop phone lets anyone who is within earshot respond, keeping customers happy and business rolling.

Dash knows that not everyone can be in the room at the same time. When you need to have team members chime in but conferencing isn’t necessary, intercom is the way to go. Whether it’s for quick inventory checks, a department announcement, or to get a quick bit of input from a neighboring office or workstation, a simple command entry onto the keypad will buzz any extension for an immediate, two-way speaker system. Work piling up on your desk and just need to be available for a budget meeting? Intercom into the group for an effective compromise of everyone’s time. Dash also knows that priorities shift throughout the day. So even if you just know someone is in the break-room making tasty-smelling popcorn and you want to see if they’ll share, dialing-in to start sweet-talking your way into some buttery, snacky goodness can be made possible by intercom, too.

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