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Custom Greetings

Our Custom Greetings Manager lets you highlight your company’s true brand identity right from the moment a call is placed.

Greetings are much like businesses, they come in all shapes and sizes. With that in mind, VirtualPBX doesn’t want to pidgin-hole anyone into a one-size-fits-all solution for their telephone greetings, plus that solution likely doesn’t exist! Depending on the time of the year and the nature of your business, your custom greetings may need to change periodically. Conversely, if you are running a franchise, you may have more rigid telephone branding standards that need to be adhered to. Whatever the case may be, VirtualPBX has you covered.

Custom Greetings

Personalized Greetings for Your Virtual Office

Any admin on your system can toggle through all of the uploaded recorded message on your phone system and designate specific messages for every portion of your phone system as well as using Auto Attendant to then direct your call elsewhere. If you need to have a specific set of regulatory statements for a billing or compliance department but want a more promotional tone for your sales team or even want to relay your future business and holidays hours, you can upload any .WAV or .MP3 file that covers your needs. Additionally, if you’re feeling a bit more extemporaneous, you can record these messages directly onto your phone just like you would for an extension’s voicemail. And don’t worry, we’ve all had to record our voicemail messages about a thousand times before we’ve got them right, so you’re in good company. However you get the audio you want you can update and edit it in real-time right from VirtualPBX, so you can always have the right way to say hello, no matter what the circumstances.

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