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Email to Fax

Frank and Diane run a family medical practice so sending patient information securely is critical but they don’t have the space for an old, clunky fax machine. Email to fax lets them keep their patient’s confidentiality secure.

Faxing is still the single most commonly relied-upon method of securely transferring documents in the world. Not only does the unique transfer method of faxing keep medical records safe and secure, but fax machines are also more likely to be how foreign countries conduct much of their business, regardless of the industry. The ubiquity of faxing is due in part to the relatively low access to high-speed internet connections globally, making simple phone lines a more likely access point and using the email to fax feature with VirtualPBX.

email to fax

Executing Email to Fax on VirtualPBX is as simple as the name implies. By using whatever email client you rely on for all of your standard communications, you can attach a .TIF or .PDF file to send directly to VirtualPBX. Once you’ve indicated the destination fax number, VirtualPBX will handle the rest. Take advantage of VirtualPBX’s Custom Greetings feature by relaying the option of Email to Fax to those dialing into your number. Faxing through VirtualPBX’s Email to Fax feature keeps your communications simple, clean, and secure.

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