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Audio conferencing works in two different ways on the Dash interface. This includes three-way conferencing and Teleconferencing.

Three-Way Conferencing

Three-way conferencing is something any phone user will be familiar with. That is because three-way conferencing comes standard on most of the best VoIP Phones available. It is built-in to the majority of VirtualPBX users’ experience. The conference button on the face of the VoIP Phone’s receiver is the key and if a user is on a call and wants to loop a third party into the conversation. It’s this button that will make that happen. Pressing it once will hold the current call so you can dial in whoever the third party is. You can use full 10-digit phone numbers or extensions in your own network! Pressing it again will switch back to the original call. Once there, pressing it a third time will bring the new caller into the conversation. Three callers, three-way conferencing, one button. VirtualPBX is keen on making things simple.


Speaking of simple, teleconferencing on VirtualPBX is easy as pie, too. When you open an account, all extensions default to no teleconferencing permissions. This way, the admin can make sure to only allow it to be used by the employees who need it most. An admin simply selects an extension to permit teleconferencing and enters a login code for their access. The admin can do this to as many or as few of the extensions as they like.


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