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Call Forwarding

Your catering business is growing, and so are your calls! You want to stay connected to your customers to make sure you have their order correct and schedules set using your landline or mobile phone when on-site. Call Forwarding is here to help!

Why can’t you have all of your communication forwarded to the device of your choosing to stay in touch? While this feature may sound “high tech,” you can enjoy Call Forwarding with every single business phone plan brought to you by VirtualPBX.

Whether you use your mobile phone or landline…in today’s world, there are a lot of options on how and where we take our calls. Thankfully, the VirtualPBX Call Forwarding feature allows you to forward calls to any of your devices.

State-Of-The-Art Call Forwarding Features, With Every Phone Plan

When it comes to running a business, phone calls are money. If you can’t get the call, no matter where you are, you lose business, which means you lose money! Here are just a few of the functionalities you can enjoy with this feature:

Leave Voicemails on Forwarded Numbers

Check voicemails on the device you forward to, in your email’s inbox, or right in the Dash interface.

Forward Direct Calls Only

Maybe you don’t need (or want) every single call to be forwarded to your selected device. You can have only calls that ring the user directly to be forwarded. Calls via ring groups or other multi-user call distributions will not be forwarded.

Keep Your Caller ID

You want to make sure you know who is calling you when you’re on the go. Calls forwarded will show the caller’s caller ID. You may wish to do this if your business phone traffic always comes from expected callers whom you would recognize on caller ID.

Choosing Failover Mode Versus Forwarding All Calls

Say you work in an office and don’t need to have your calls forwarded all the time. Maybe you want a “failover” for when your primary device is offline, but you want to stay in contact if a customer needs you. Choose Failover Mode in your Dash Interface for when you leave the office and are no longer using your primary device. This is perfect for VirtualPBX customers that use the Web Phone while in the office, and Call Forwarding while they are on the go.

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Not only is it extremely important to have any communication forwarded for your business but with VirtualPBX it is as easy as 1-2-3 to set up and manage. With VirtualPBX handling your calls properly, you get to spend more time on what matters — your business!

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