Call Blasting

Route Calls Intelligently: Call Blasting

Bill tends to get the job done while bouncing around his office park, a lot. When he’s not getting a sandwich across the street he’s on a sales call or at the coffee shop in the “pain cave.” Dash’s Call Blasting is ideal for Bill so he can get all of his devices ringing at once, no matter where he is.

Call Blasting is Dash’s ultimate alarm clock effect for business calls. Through the Dash portal, you can add multiple devices to find you and make sure you never miss an important call. What if you’re at your desk and about to hit the road, though? If you have your mobile and your desk phone in front of you and know you’re leaving shortly, why can’t you just answer a business call directly on your mobile? With Call Blasting, you can! When you assign your Follow Me sequence, the intuitive interface that lets you assign ring time duration for each device can also be programed to ring multiple devices at once. This initial opening salvo of ringing devices is the type of, well, blast that many busy professionals have been asking for. We’ve heard you and Dash is happy to deliver its Call Blasting feature!

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