Automated Directory

Great First Impression: Greetings

Working a conference or networking event makes it tough to keep names straight. Fortunately, an Automated Directory can be designed to either make everyone on the team easily findable or to require a bit more information than just “that gal from sales.” Your call, Dash doesn’t judge.

Keeping true to form with the simplicity-first experience of Dash, the Automated Directory is literally a 1-2-3 cakewalk. Well, technically, you can walk all the way up to 9 or 0, too. Any admin on your system can open the directory control in Dash, then just like matching vocabulary words to their definition back in elementary school, the process is as simple as choosing a digit from the caller’s dial pad to press, and then selecting from the drop down menu where it should go.

There’s no need to worry about entering all of the possible destinations for each call to be routed to, either, because Dash automatically populates the dropdowns with all of the possible extensions that are on your system. That means programming your phone system to have callers press one for sales or two for accounts receivable will be as simple as having them actually press one or two. Plus, with all the time you’ll save in setting-up your world-class phone system, chances are good that the folks at the end of option two will have a lot more work on their plate, too!

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