Need to Make a Transfer Call? Advanced Transfers with VirtualPBX

Route Calls Intelligently: Advanced Transfers

Need to refer a client to Billing or Support? No problem. You can make a transfer call by transferring Inbound and Outbound calls on a hosted phone system has never been easier or more secure than it is on the all-new Dash.

Advanced Transfers from VirtualPBX have a couple of unique features that differentiate Dash from other hosted communications solutions. First is that unlike early unified communications solutions, Dash lets you use the transfer call feature with inbound or outbound calls to any number or extension in your network, not just outbound calls. Additionally, the method of transfer has in itself simplified dramatically. For years, the hosted telephone industry has been plagued by fraudsters who have taken advantage of a security flaw in some early VoIP phones. The attacks came from being able to hop into the transfer buttons built-in to the physical phones. Dash takes security very seriously and we took it upon ourselves to build a bulletproof system for you to execute transfers right from your phone with no more exposure than with a traditional, on-site PBX. With this ground-breaking development, Dash lets users transfer using either a simple keypad entry or by pressing the transfer call buttons directly on a VoIP phone. Dash keeps your options safe, simple, and flexible because it’s your system, you should use it how you want to.

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