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ACD Queues Pro

ACD QueuesYour customer count is growing every day, and with that, your call volume! You know you need a solution that better serves your customers as well as allows you to better monitor call handling. That’s where the all new ACD Queues Pro comes in.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queues allows you to monitor essential call metrics like call volume, wait times, and also agent performance. ACD Queues Pro takes ACD Queues to the next level so you can scale your business as quickly as you need to without losing customer retention. Each queue costs $99.99/month. To get started, sign up for a Dash Plan today!

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Queue Management

Watch calls live as they enter the queue, see who picks up, and how long the call lasts. You can even see who is currently logged in to each queue and how long they’ve been active. As an admin, you now get Whisper and Barge capability. This allows you to tap into a phone call with an agent to give them guidance on how to handle a call without the customer on the line hearing, or an admin can join the phone call to speak with the customer as a three-way phone call.

ACD Queues Pro Built with Administrators in Mind

ACD QueuesFrom focusing on growing your sales, to improving customer service, to simply making sure your calls are answered in a timely fashion, managing your business call center can be overwhelming. ACD Queues Pro can be considered your “right-hand man” when it comes to both scaling and managing your business. The simplistic and easy-to-navigate interface will allow both agents and administrators a platform that has been built for success. Administers simply create the queues that they need, add agents, drag-and-drop those agents into their respective queues, and even create an Auto Attendant for convenience. Here are just a few features that come with the all new ACD Queues Pro:

  • Whisper/Barge
  • Hold Treatment Options
  • Agent Performance and Activity Logs
  • Dynamic Live Monitoring
  • Toggle Call Recording
  • Advanced Agent and Routing Strategy

Standard Account User Versus ACD Queue Pro Agent Pricing

You already know the benefits that comes with ACD Queues Pro – but what if some of your team needs to use ACD Queues Pro as an agent and some of your team only needs to be a standard account user? That’s perfectly fine! Here is a quick break down in the difference in cost per user on a standard account versus an ACD Queue Pro Agent:

Standard Account Users$19.99$24.99$29.99
ACD Queues Pro Agents$70.99$74.99

* Pricing based on an Annual Plan with 2-99 users. Chat with one of our Sales Specialists for more info.

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ACD Queues Pro has been created to accommodate businesses who need to scale quickly, monitor and aid their team, and keep their administrators focused on customer satisfaction. Plus, with Dash, you get more than just ACD Queues Pro. Our advanced features and award-winning interface have made Dash the go-to choice for cloud-hosted business phone systems.

More Dash Features Dash Plans and Pricing

This feature is available in our Advanced and Enterprise Unlimited Minute Plans. Review our complete pricing and add-on feature list on the Plan Comparison page.

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