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How Much Should Your POTS Line Cost Per Month?

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines have long been a staple in telecommunications, providing reliable voice communication for decades. However, with the FCC sunsetting POTS lines, many businesses are seeing their POTS line cost per month increase, maintenance stalled or halted, and new lines unavailable. Understanding these changes is essential for making informed decisions about your telecommunications infrastructure. Here are some key factors to consider as you compare the cost of POTS with VirtualPBX AirDial cost:

pots phone line cost playbook

Maintenance and Repair

While POTS lines are known for their reliability, they are not immune to faults. Repairing issues with POTS lines often requires specialized technicians and incurs significant expenses, especially if the problem is not readily identifiable. Now that these lines are forecast for eventual shutdown, businesses are already reporting lack of availability for technicians.

Opportunity Costs

With traditional POTS lines, businesses may miss out on the cost-saving benefits and enhanced features offered by newer technologies like VoIP Business Phone Plans. For those businesses that manage more niche solutions, like elevator phones, gate and safety phones, and physical fax machines, POTS replacement solutions like VirtualPBX AirDial provide the best of both worlds.

Increasing Monthly Costs

After the FCC's sunset announcement for traditional copper POTS lines, businesses have been noticing their POTS line cost per month rising while availability dwindles. The phasing out of POTS lines grew alternatives like our AirDial POTS Replacement Solution which delivers traffic over redundant ethernet connection and LTE, marking a significant modernization shift.

POTS Line Cost Per Month

Telecommunications service providers have significantly increased consumers’ traditional copper POTS line cost per month. While some customers may wish to retain these lines due to familiarity or specific requirements, the elevated costs imposed by providers have made this option financially untenable for many, especially after the FCC’s sunset announcement.

  • Aggressive Pricing Hikes: Service providers have been implementing aggressive pricing hikes on POTS lines, often without providing substantial improvements or added value to justify the increased costs. These hikes can catch businesses and consumers off guard, especially those operating on tight budgets.

  • Limited Alternatives: For some customers, especially those in rural or remote areas, POTS lines may be the only viable option for reliable communication. In such cases, the sudden spike in prices leaves them with limited alternatives, forcing them to either absorb the higher costs or scramble to find alternatives.

  • Deadline Pressures: Adding to the urgency of the situation, service providers often accompany these price hikes with aggressive deadlines for customers to accept the new terms or face disconnection. This puts customers, particularly those with limited resources or technical expertise, in a desperate situation where they must quickly find alternatives to avoid disruptions to their essential communication service.

AirDial Cost: Our POTS Replacement Solution

We’re proud to offer a solution that not only cuts down the POTS line monthly cost, but improves service. Our AirDial POTS Replacement Solution was built with uninterrupted service and compliance in mind so you can focus on your business.

  • Buy or Rent Hardware: Our easy to setup hardware offers redundancy over an ethernet connection and LTE service. This AirDial cost can be managed through an outright purchase or a monthly rental.

  • Discounts for Multiple Lines: Whether your business manages multiple locations, handles multiple lines like fax and gate phones at a single location, or handles both multiple lines and multiple locations – we make it easy to consolidate your billing and offer a discount for multiple lines.

  • Monthly, 1 Year, and 3 Year Plans: While the traditional copper POTS line monthly cost has become unmanageable for many businesses, the opposite is true for managing AirDial costs. While the monthly AirDial cost is significantly lower, you can save even more when you opt for a one or three year plan.
AirDial Cost

Ready to Start Saving?

Making the smart choice for your business has never been easier. By switching to AirDial by VirtualPBX today, you’re not just upgrading your communication system – you’re unlocking a world of savings and efficiency. Take the first step toward a more cost-effective future by calculating your potential savings now with a POTS replacement expert.