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Want unlimited minutes? See our VirtualPBX Office Plans.

Let us set up your new VirtualPBX system for you!

We understand how important your time is and that’s why we offer a personalized professional service that gives you a hands-off experience with your business phone system so you have more time to focus on your business. Our Concierge experts are with you from the beginning to strategize how your unique team can get the most out of our features and services, employing that strategy as they setup up your new VirtualPBX business phone system. Once your new system is up and running, your dedicated Concierge stays with you to periodically review your system configuration and offer suggested changes. They can also investigate network connectivity issues or acquire additional bandwidth should your business experience growing pains. Add the VirtualPBX Concierge Service to your plan for $49/month. Setup fee for new system configuration is a one time charge of $50.


VirtualPBX Anywhere Plan Services & Features

VirtualPBX Anywhere plans are the ideal product for companies with distributed or field-based workforces that need a host of mobile options. Smaller organizations generally prefer Anywhere plans, too, because of the ability to pool shared minutes and route calls to preexisting landline and mobile phones, all without having to release personal phone numbers. VirtulPBX Anywhere plans with auto-attendant and customizable greetings present the professional appearance growing companies want with the cost-savings that they need.

Receiving a Call

Auto-Attendant (Virtual Receptionist)
Your calls are answered automatically and professionally and each caller is provided with options to proceed that you choose. No need for a full-time receptionist.

Call Preview Detail
Details about your calls can be announced before you answer so you know even more about who the caller is and what is wanted.

Customizable Greetings
Customizing your main greeting is just the start. With VirtualPBX, you can add your custom messages onto everything – including information on hold, different greetings for each department, voicemail, and even a unique greeting for each phone number in your system.

Dial-By-Name Directory
If your callers don’t know your extension numbers, make it easy for them to reach your employees by entering either a first or last name.

Day and Night Mode
By telling our system when your office closes, we can automatically route any additional calls to voicemail and/or change your greeting to let callers know you’re closed.

Follow-Me Calling
Calls can be routed to office, cellular, or home phones and can automatically follow you as you move from place to place.

Information-Only Extensions
Create extensions that callers can use to access frequently asked information such as hours of business or directions.

Integrated Conferencing
Conferencing is built-in, allowing you to have conference calls anytime without the need to pay for a separate service involving more phone numbers and passwords. All plans include a set number free conference minutes, and additional minutes are charged at just 2.9 cents per minute.

No Busy Signals
Having a caller be told that all lines are busy can end a transaction before it’s begun. With VirtualPBX, calls always get through.

Smart Caller ID
Put caller ID to work with additional features that let you know when your call is a business call, not personal, or even what department the caller is trying to reach.

Routing a Call

Using all or part of the caller ID for incoming calls, automatically route a VIP to priority support, block calls from telemarketers, or send your spouse’s calls directly to your own extension – or any other custom routing you have in mind.

Call Waiting Signal
Keep everyone aware of whether there are callers waiting with a simple, unobtrusive signal to let people know they should keep calls moving.

Multi-Stage Dialing
You can use VirtualPBX to dial through an existing hardware PBX in your office so you don’t have to replace equipment you already use.

Self-Managed Agent Presence
Your employees can manage their own presence in the system so managers don’t have to keep track of everyone or add and delete phone numbers as people go to lunch or on breaks.

Supervised Call Transfers
Connect a caller to another extension, and you can stay on the line to speak with the extension owner before completing the transfer.

TrueACD Queues
TrueACD Queues route calls intelligently to people in departments. One TrueACD Queue is included in Office Plans and additional queues up to 8 can be added at $9.99 per queue. Rank your employees by skill or availability and make sure your best people get the most calls. When call volume gets really heavy, an overflow queue allows a second set of employees to start taking calls. Learn More about TrueACD Queues

In Call

Call Recording*
Any or all calls can be recorded, saved, and played back later to assist in training employees or to meet legal or other requirements. *Additional fees may apply for this feature.

When you can’t take calls, don’t let your phone ring and leave callers waiting.Send them directly to your business voicemail.

Music and Information on Hold
When they’re being transferred or on hold, customers can listen to one of the over 120 songs in our jukebox, or any that you choose to add. You can also record and upload any kind of information for playback during holds.

Voicemail Interrupt
Let your voicemail take the call while you listen in, then pick up the call in mid-recording if you decide it is important.

Message Handling

Never Full Mailboxes
Make sure you get all the important messages your business needs, and never get embarrassed by telling callers your mailbox is full.

Phone and Email Notifications
When not available but needing to keep in touch, you can be notified of voicemail or fax messages using whichever device you want – or all of them at once.

Virtual Fax (Inbound and Outbound)
You can receive and send faxes with no fax machine. Inbound faxes are available online or sent to your email.

Voicemail with Web and Email Delivery
After a customer leaves a voicemail, VirtualPBX can convert that voicemail into a sound file and make it available online or send it to any email address you assign.

Reliable Support

Comprehensive Data Security
Your personal information is important to you. We make sure that it’s safe by implementing security protocols that can’t be breached.

Mission-Critical Fault Tolerance
Every component in our system has at least one backup and usually several. System outages are very rare. And because we’re hosted remotely from your office, a natural disaster or power failure in your area won’t keep the calls from coming through.

Multi-Business Support
If you have more than one company, you can support them all with different phone numbers under a single VirtualPBX system.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting
Get details on calls for the last three months at a moment’s notice. We offer the deepest and most complete level of reports in the market. And you can see traffic coming through the system as it happens so you know how many people are on hold or how many of your employees are taking calls.

Virtual Calling Card
You can place outbound calls through your business line, so that your caller ID is that of your company phone number and you can call from any phone, anywhere -even your sister’s house in Kalamazoo.

Web-Based System Management
Maintain and tweak your system with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Our secure administrative portal can be accessed through web browsers from any location.

Save at Signup

To help you start your new business phone system with VirtualPBX, we’ve offered the below options for the reduced price shown. These additional options may be more if added later, so make sure to catch them while you can!

Unlimited Call Recording $19.99/mo
Unlimited Outbound Fax $17.99/mo
Unlimited Conferencing $34.99/mo
TrueACD® Queues $9.99 each/mo
Additional Phone Numbers $5.00 each/mo

International Phone Numbers Varies by Country
Vanity Toll-free Number $30.00
True 800 Number $30.00
Phone Number Porting $25.00

Monthly Payment Options

Not ready to commit for a year? VirtualPBX offers a monthly payment option so that you can pay as you go.

VirtualPBX Anywhere Plan – Startup $19.99/mo
VirtualPBX Anywhere Plan – Pro $29.99/mo
VirtualPBX Anywhere Plan – Premium $39.99/mo

1Anywhere Plan minutes are shared between local, toll-free, metered VoIP lines, and outbound minutes to the continental US and Canada and are subject to our Terms of Use

*Outbound minutes from VoIP devices on Anywhere – Premium Plans are subject to a charge of 1.9¢/minute.

Note: Each VoIP phone is subject to a flat-rate fee of $1.99 for E911, as allowed by Federal, State and Local laws.