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VoIP Sales Strategy

When putting together a VoIP affiliate website that will refer leads and customers back to VirtualPBX, it’s important to first make sure that your website is going to be found and read. To do this, you need a good sales strategy. Whether you’re putting together a new affiliate website or adding information about us to an existing one, a good linking strategy can help to make sure your affiliate website gets more hits.

Whenever you use an important term, also make it a link. With a good volume of links, your affiliate website will be considered more ‘connected’, and increases in page rank. So don’t just include one link at the bottom, include them throughout where relevant and natural in the text. When you talk about major VirtualPBX features, you can link to the VirtualPBX page on that feature. It’s also important to have a solid linking strategy between pages on your own site.

Consider link placement. Make sure that the words you have as the link text match the keywords for the page that they are linking to. So if the keyword term on a page is “Hosted PBX”, use the link text “Hosted PBX” rather than “click here” or another unrelated term. One link per keyword is generally enough, though you may consider more for a longer page.

Make sure that your links have context. If you post a link to our Greeting Manager feature, include a line or two explaining that the greeting manager helps businesses to keep track of what customers first hear when they call your VirtualPBX account. By doing so, search engines will recognize that the link matches your website’s content – otherwise, they’ll discard the link as unrelated to the page.

Repurpose your content. If you’ve already written content, you don’t have to start over. Just go back through what you have, and adjust the points made or perspective explored to create some new original content from what you had before. Also, make sure you cache the pages using standard webmaster tools, and you’ll soon start to see improvements in your page rank.

Email Marketing, Blogs, and Forums

Selling VoIP requires multiple channels, and email is one of them. Much more dynamic than a standard website, using direct communication like email and message boards requires a high degree of personalization. When used effectively, you can get a direct message to a group of people more likely to consider and investigate the offer. When used poorly, you just wind up flooding people with advertisements that turn them away from you.

Obviously, VirtualPBX doesn’t support any kind of spamming practices, so all communication has to be tailored to the people or locations you’re contacting. Always consider who you’re contacting, what the target audience would be interested in, and make sure any comments are relevant, rather than unsolicited. One good example is to use message boards relevant to your business, and mention that other people in similar lines of business could benefit from using VirtualPBX the same way you have. It’s good to also build at least a basic, one-page website that you can link to for more information, and which will also include your affiliate link so that you can get credit for the referral instead of linking directly in the forum or email. That extra level of depth can greatly improve your apparent credibility.

If you send out periodic newsletters and emails, or if you maintain a business blog, you can include banners and text clips to refer your readers through the VirtualPBX affiliate program in order to increase your revenue. While these tend to be harder to start up from scratch, even a brief mention can attract a great deal of interest.

Since people who read newsletters tend to be specifically looking for interesting information, starting with a value statement is usually best. We have numerous text bites that you can customize to fit your particular newsletter, as well as several graphics you can add to increase interest.

Find Your Target Audience

A central part of your VoIP sales experience with VirtualPBX is understanding your target audience; the businesses that need our technology. Being familiar with your target consumer market will be key to your success selling VoIP in our affiliate program. VirtualPBX customers are typically small to mid-sized businesses, often looking for business phone service that is an alternative to a hardware PBX. They want advanced features that are normally only available through a PBX, such as Automated Call Distribution (ACD Queues), without the price tag or headaches that come with owning an in-house system. In some cases, VirtualPBX offers complementary features to an on-premise PBX. For example, when a business has employees who work off premises, such as remote offices, telecommuters, and travelers, these employees can still be accessible through a single local or toll-free number. VirtualPBX has the strongest appeal with businesses that need a suite of services and functions, distributed employees, as well as a high level of reliability from their business phone service. VirtualPBX is ideal for:

  • Sole proprietorships and small or medium businesses that need a professional sounding phone service.
  • Start-up companies that require an immediate business phone service.
  • Companies who allow employees to work from home temporarily or permanently.
  • Companies cutting costs who want to replace their existing hardware PBX with a solid alternative.
  • VoIP users who wish to keep costs low and still take advantage of a robust PBX style phone service
  • International businesses that need a professional U.S. presence without establishing a physical office.
  • Corporations that cannot afford the loss of communications with personnel and/or customers during disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires or other unanticipated events.
  • Companies with distributed personnel and offices who desire a business phone service that helps them achieve a single location presence and functionality.
  • Call centers that need ACD (automatic call distribution) capabilities to route callers to various departments such as sales, support, or customer service agents, especially when the agents are not all working from a single geographic location.
  • Business whose employees frequently work on the road i.e., service and delivery personnel, real estate agents, and insurance professionals.
  • Consulting or manufacturing rep businesses where a group of diverse specialists want their business phone service to give the impression of a single company and wish to be reached wherever they are.

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