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Becoming a partner in our VoIP referral program builds off of your existing network and boosts your profitability in a single, simple step. Plus, as someone who provides solutions to your customers and prospects’ most pressing business needs, specifically their telephone service, you also improve your own status as a reliable, valued business connection.


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Earning upwards of a few hundred dollars per referral has never been easier than it is with VirtualPBX. Staying true to the standard level of service that backs all of our business telephone solutions, VirtualPBX’s VoIP Referral Program comes with a wide array of support for you to be successful.

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Signing up today gets you one step closer to benefiting from all of the network connections you’ve already made. Move with confidence that you can offer the best possible service with award-winning support to everyone who you refer. When you choose to partner with VirtualPBX as your business telephone service provider of choice, you are teaming up with the authority in internet telephony.