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Company Moving to a Virtual Office

The Ultimate Virtual Office Phone System

Implementing a “virtual office,” where employees work from home or other inexpensive office space can save on rent, utilities, and more. But how do you route incoming business calls to employees? With VirtualPBX, which provides these critical virtual office PBX capabilities:
Central phone number. Establishes a central business identity, even with widely distributed workers.

Route calls anywhere. Employees can get business calls on any phone in any location.

Advanced call transfers. Lets you send calls between employees from coast to coast.

Integrated conferencing. Conference with employees and/or customers across any distance.

Call-answer security. Family members don’t answer business calls in a home office.

TrueACD®. Integrates departments for call handling, regardless of employee locations.

Individual voice and fax mail. No one misses an important call or fax.

Which VirtualPBX Plan Should You Choose?

It all depends on the size of your company and how much you use the phone. Most companies will find the best value from our Flat-rate plans. You pay a flat monthly rate per user and don’t have to pay for minutes. If your employees don’t use the phone a lot, you might find our Usage-based plans a better fit. Either way, you’ll get all the great features – we just give you plan options to keep your costs low.