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Larger Company That Needs a New PBX System
The Last PBX System You Will Ever Need

Most companies change their PBX system several times. Sometimes company growth outstrips the capabilities of their existing system and sometimes new PBX phone systems are released with improved features that can dramatically improve company productivity or costs. With VirtualPBX, changing systems can be a thing of the past. Our customers get the advantages of a “best in class” PBX system that is constantly kept up to date with the best features, without changing any of their own equipment. And our PBX phone system can scale to any size while letting you only pay for the bracket you need right now. If you’re looking for a new PBX system, here’s why you’ll never have to go beyond Virtual PBX:
Big business image. With a custom, high-quality auto-attendant greeting.

Unlimited scalability. You’ll never again outgrow your PBX phone system.

No busy signals. If you need handle more calls, we’ll instantly allocate more lines.

Fault-tolerant reliability. All of our systems use redundancy to eliminate downtime.

Route calls anywhere. Unite branch offices without expensive tie lines and extra equipment,
and let employees work from home or on the road.

Enable a wireless office. Eliminate the expenses of your land lines, desk phones, and onsite
PBX system.

No hardware or maintenance. Save on both startup and support costs.

TrueACD® queuing. Full featured queuing for even or skills-based routing of calls to a department.

Integrated conferencing. Easy to use conferencing with no need for scheduling or PINs.

Online system monitoring. Find out what’s happening with your PBX phone system in real time.

which virtualpbx® service should you choose?
Most larger companies save the most by using our Flat-rate plans. You get unlimited minutes for typical business use and always know what your bill will be. And with a cost per line of less that $20, you’ll save big over the $50-$60 business phone lines you can get from the typical phone company.