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Could a Virtual PBX® System Work for You?

The Virtual PBX system was the first hosted PBX to hit the market, and we have thousands of customers, across all types of companies. The two biggest reasons companies move to a hosted PBX are lower costs and the ability to connect employees that work outside the main office.

save money with the virtual pbx system

Upfront and support costs are lower because our clients don’t have to buy or maintain complex phone system hardware. Also, they find that the ability to take business calls anywhere improves worker productivity. And many of our clients have done away with the cost of “brick and mortar” offices, using the Virtual PBX system to set up a “virtual office.”

distributed employees and a hosted pbx

Many customers of the Virtual PBX system use it to seamlessly integrate employees working from different locations, including branch offices workers, telecommuters, and employees that travel. We have a growing number of clients that have done away with standard telephones and take all of their business calls on cell phones.

where do you fit?

Hosted PBX service from Virtual PBX might be just right for you, too. Find out some of the key features best for you by choosing your type of company from this list: