Small Business Services

Small Business Phone System

To succeed at maintaining a lean and nimble company, effective communication with customers and suppliers is critical. A typical small business can’t afford to buy or maintain a robust on-site phone system, however, a cloud-based solution from VirtualPBX is ideal. Our virtual phone system is affordable on any budget without sacrificing all the features of enterprise-grade systems.


Save Money

Don’t pay large enterprise prices for your small business phone system. We keep our system constantly up-to-date with the latest features so you never have to. Avoiding costly upgrades and maintenance combined with never having to pay for installation hardware like an on-site system ensures that you’ll save more than headaches with VirtualPBX.

Get a Professional Presence

Customizable professional recording options and advanced features like ACD queuing intelligently receive and route your callers to where they need to go when they need to get there. By incorporating these two and a battery of other flexible features, you can ensure that as soon as a call comes in they are confident in the professionalism and capabilities of your business.

Distribute Your Workforce

Smaller businesses typically mean that everyone wears multiple hats, and often those different roles take you out of the office. With a virtual phone system, you can route incoming calls to any type of phone, anywhere there is an internet or data connection. Employees work from the office, from home, work sites, or on the road.

Pay As You Grow

Business acts fast and when lightning strikes, you can’t be tied up raising capital to afford an expansion of your telecommunications network. Being totally cloud-based, VirtualPBX can add or change your features as easily as logging into your online portal. Our business phone systems lets you start as small as you want and grow to unlimited size, while only paying for what you need.

Never Ring Busy

The worst thing in the world for a business is missing an easy opportunity. When you have a customer calling in and fail to take their call because of a busy signal, not only could you be losing business, but potentially hurting your reputation as well. We automatically allocate more capacity to your business whenever you need it, so you never have to worry about adding bandwidth or call agents during a spike in activity, and your customers never hear a busy signal.

Conference Without Hassles

Doing everything for the company means that time is precious and so if you need to have a meeting, you need ot make it count. With conference call options included with every VirtualPBX system, you can save time by having all attendees join from anywhere in the world and have the peace of mind that your call won’t get dropped in the middle of it. With no PIN numbers to remember or third parties to manage your calls, you get to stay as agile as you need to be.

Features, Features, Features

Whether you’re looking to begin a new business with the leanest operations possible or are ready to unshackle your organization from your high-cost utilities and enter into a new period of growth, VirtualPBX is just right. To begin reviewing the various plan options, take a look at our plan comparison or contact our unified communications experts today.

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