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VirtualPBX Franchise Phone System

From sandwich shops to dental practices, we’ve been able to help franchises of all types grow their business without losing the confidence that their expanding customer base is being well treated. Franchise phone systems from VirtualPBX allow companies to maintain uniformity in service and support without burdensome constraints on the new franchisees. A hosted telephone system is a communication network that provides any caller immediate access to the most convenient, logical franchise location. VirtualPBX’s sophisticated, low-cost solution is the franchise enhancement that keeps franchises scalable and personable.

Unlike a regular business phone system that sends callers to an extension or gives callers a directory of franchisee numbers, VirtualPBX Franchise Phone Systems offer a variety of unique and immediate ways for your customers to connect. Our customizable system can help you:

  • Maintain service, appearance, and quality across all franchises
  • Disseminate franchise messages quickly, effectively, and uniformly
  • Allow franchisees to use local numbers or nationally recognized toll-free numbers
  • Incorporate a dedicated phone system for a fraction of the cost of a traditional, on-site phone system.
  • Access reporting metrics of each franchisee’s call volume

Getting Calls To Your Franchise

Franchises often become successful growth opportunities thanks in no small part to the special attention given to satisfying their customers. Therefore, one of the biggest concerns for new franchise owners is when the care of their new customers is no longer their immediate responsibility. A virtual business phone system designed specifically for franchises empowers companies to preserve an undiluted brand aesthetic and level of service without compromising individual franchisees’ ability to run their businesses autonomously. With the inherent flexibility of a hosted telephone system, the methods to connect callers to employes are virtually limitless, some more popular techniques, though, are as follows:

  • GeoRoute – By identifying the geographic location that an incoming call originates from, GeoRouting automatically directs callers to the closest franchise location to where they are.
  • SelectRoute – An infinite number of possibilites are available from SelectRoute. This system allows for callers to enter numeric combinations that direct them to the appropriate parties. Examples include zip codes and area codes, but it can even be used for product/part numbers, invoices, purchase orders, and any other designation that works for your organization.
  • Mail-Only Extensions – An alternative option for inbound callers when staff is less likely to be on the phone is a mail-only extension whereby callers are directed to any one of a variety of pre-recorded messages. The messages can be designed to direct to or replace the need for voice mailboxes.

Franchise Phone System Benefits

Franchisors, franchisees, and all of the customers involved each benefit in unique ways from a polished and professional franchise phone system.

Franchiser Benefits

  • Maintain brand standards and advertise one toll-free number with the same call experience for each caller.
  • Save over 80% on phone costs over on-site systems and spare the need to buy additional hardware or software.
  • Expand quickly into new markets and measure exactly how many callers from each zip code or area code are responding to your campaigns.

Franchisee Benefits

  • More calls, more sales – by advertising a local business number and also feeding calls from a nationwide, toll-free number, call volume explodes.
  • Reduce franchise start-up costs by eliminating the need to purchase large phone system.
  • Access powerful business metrics that are typically reserved to much larger, mature organizations but that are immediately available with a hosted franchise telephone service.

Customer Benefits

  • Consistent professional handling and professional call experiences, franchise-wide.
  • Rapid satisfaction of always being directed to the most appropriate location of a franchise even when calling a national toll-free number.

Getting Started

Not only will the scalable, portable, flexible, and totally customizable VirtualPBX Franchise Phone System save you upwards of 80% over traditional, on-site  telephone services, it will also leave you sleeping better at night, too. That’s because each VirtualPBX VoIP system comes with a 30-Day, money-back guarantee to help you make the move to a hosted system with complete confidence.

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