Franchise Phone System

Do you know how your callers actually find your franchise location nearest to them? Are you sure that your franchisees answer the phone the same way, every time? Can you quickly determine where your next big growth opportunity is and are you ready for expansion? If you’re unable to answer these questions then your phone system may be costing you up to 50% of your potential clients. With a VirtualPBX phone system you’ll have answers to these questions and more.

VirtualPBX provides a unique solution for franchise owners: a communication network that provides any caller immediate access to the most convenient, logical franchise location. VirtualPBX’s sophisticated, low-cost solution is the franchise solution you have been searching for to solve problems you didn’t even know could be fixed with a telephone.

VirtualPBX Franchise Phone SystemUnlike a regular business phone system that sends callers to an extension or gives callers a directory – or a series of directories – that list all franchisee numbers with no means to connect them, VirtualPBX provides a continuous, consistent presence. Our customizable system can help you:

  • Maintain service, appearance, and quality across all franchises
  • Deliver franchise messages quickly, effectively, and uniformly
  • Allow franchisees to use local numbers
    and nationally recognized toll-free numbers
  • Incorporate a dedicated phone system for a fraction of
    the cost of a traditional, on-site phone system.
  • Get complete reporting of each franchisee’s call volume
  • Happy callers become happy customers

Getting Calls To Your Franchise

VirtualPBX franchise phone systems can be tailored to match your business and customer handling process. You can let your franchisees personalize their own greetings and voicemails, or you can routinize every franchisee with the same greetings, creating continuity across your entire franchise network, or even still, you can utilize both methods if you need to accommodate different levels of franchisees. All VirtualPBX franchise phone systems utilize the unique, proprietary feature, SelectRoute, to transfer your callers directly to local franchisees using several different methods. Each method is designed to duplicate the territory mapping your franchise employs and ensure quality user experience for the caller. Here’s how it works:

  1. Callers dial your nationwide toll-free number
  2. Callers automatically hear a customizable greeting that allows them to enter a zip code, area code, or a custom entry
  3. After the caller provides an entry they’re immediately directed to the most advantageous and conveniently located franchisee’s VirtualPBX system
  4. If a franchisee is unavailable, callers can be sent to voicemail, back to the main directory, or wherever you see fit

Zip Code Routing

To utilize zip code routing, the parent franchise determines which franchisees correspond to which zip code or zip codes. Customers that contact the franchise’s nationwide toll-free number are prompted to enter their zip code. For example, “Thank you for calling ABC Restaurant! To reach the reservation desk at your nearest ABC Restaurant, please enter your five-digit zip code.” Once the caller enters their zip code, the phone system routes the caller to the franchise location mapped to that zip code.

Custom Numeric Code Routing

Franchise owners can also determine how calls are routed based on their own special multi-digit codes. For example:

  • Customer ID or PIN Number
  • Contract Number
  • Product Number
  • Or any other significant identification number utilized by your business

Caller ID Routing

Franchise owners can also organize and direct calls to franchisees without requiring any numeric entry from their customer using the area codes of their callers to facilitate one-to-one contact between customer and franchisee. VirtualPBX intelligent Caller ID Routing supports:

  • Area code (1-408)
  • Area code + exchange (1-408-555)
  • Area code + exchange + suffix (1-408-555-1212)

Franchise Solutions That Benefit Your Entire Business

By employing a franchise phone system powered by VirtualPBX you empower every level of your franchise network. For the franchisor, the franchisee, and for every customer, benefits are quickly attained and measurably successful.

Franchiser Benefits

  • Improved branding – advertise one toll-free number, same sound across entire franchise
  • Save over 90% on phone costs – no need to buy any extra hardware or software
  • Expand quickly into new markets – know exactly how many callers from each zip code or area code
  • Easily measure franchise performance – know exactly how many calls are being sent to each franchise

Franchisee Benefits

  • More calls, more sales – advertise a local business number, but also get calls from the nationwide toll-free number
  • Full-featured virtual phone system – no need for purchasing large phone system
  • Powerful business metrics – know exactly how many calls came in and where from

Customer Benefits

  • Consistent professional handling – same sound, franchise-wide – one toll-free number gets the caller to their local franchise with a numeric entry or automatic routing based on their phone number
  • Consistent professional handling – receive calls from nationwide number based on zip code, area code, or a unique code

The Low Cost, Full-Featured Franchise Phone System

Price is one of best things for any franchise considering the move to VirtualPBX. There is no option from a traditional on-premise PBX that will accommodate the same flexibility of the franchise system from VirtualPBX. Plus, our cloud-based PBX offers infinite flexibility for whatever changes may occur with your franchise network. With VirtualPBX you will:

  • Cut down on overhead required at the franchisor level by directing customer calls to your individual franchisees
  • Eliminate routing costs if you have an on-site PBX that takes calls and sends out long-distance connections to each franchise location
  • Save time and eliminate expenses involved in purchasing, installing, supporting, and maintaining your own call routing hardware

Our pricing model allows you to maintain a nationwide toll-free number with routing specific to your franchisees for what you’re currently paying for one business phone line to your office. After that, each subsequent account or franchisee, pays for its own fully-featured VirtualPBX service.

The result? Your franchisees get a robust set of features on an intelligent phone system with remarkably low barriers to entry. Enforce and protect your brand, reduce your costs, and simplify your ability to readily expand and capture more geographies with a franchise system from VirtualPBX!

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