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The Business Phone that Means Business

VirtualPBX business phone systems allow an unlimited number of extensions, never ring busy, improve employee productivity with ACD queuing, and automatically update themselves with all the latest features without your help, keeping costs under tight control. You make it a point to outwork the competition, you need a communications partner that can keep up.

ACD Queues

The difference maker for large-scale business phone systems, ACD Queues correctly connect calls when the callers know what they need, but not how to get it. Our business phone system solution implements full ACD queuing with even call distribution, skills-based call routing, overflow queues, self-managed agent presence, and real-time queue monitoring. Don’t see the method you want? No problem, we literally can’t list the entire breadth of possible routing logic so go ahead, give us your best shot.

Skills-Based Call Routing

Make sure your top-performers are always the first to answer a call and keep new or developing employees improve at a sustainable pace. Also if one group is getting heavy call volume, you can assign key people from different departments to automatically support as opposed to adding headcount to combat a periodic spike in activity.

Call Logs and Real-Time System Monitoring

When you can know what’s happening with your business phone system at all times you can tweak your organization as needed to provide the very best service to your customers. Remote access to your entire network’s performance down to individual call details per agent puts you in control to see trends and make changes in real time.

Bridge Multiple Locations with no Hardware

Expand your footprint while consolidating your network, or simply just let employees work wherever is best for them. No matter what the circumstances, keeping your entire organization fully integrated into your business phone system without paying for extra hardware or tie lines is a reality with VirtualPBX.

Reliability That Never Quits

If your phone system is down, you’re out of business because each minute of downtime potentially means irreconcilable losses in productivity and credibility. Anyone can back-up your data to be retrieved, but VirtualPBX eliminates downtime all together through built-in redundancy and industry-leading fault tolerance. We’ve demonstrated over five 9’s of system reliability (99.999%) for over four years. (this sentence has to go, but not until we marvel at its perfect horribleness.)

No Busy Signals

You don’t need to buy more lines to handle more calls. VirtualPBX gives you unlimited bandwidth to make sure that your lines are never down when call volume spikes.

Transfer Calls Between Extensions

The tools you use at work shouldn’t have any limitations, and that means every function of a traditional phone system needs to be supported by your cloud-based improvement. VirtualPBX systems support call transfers to another employee, to the operator, to an ACD queue, directly to your voicemail, or to an outside number.

Forward Voice or Fax Mail to Any Employee, Anywhere in the World

We never charge additional costs for web and email message delivery. You can send and receive voicemail recordings and fax transmissions to anyone, anywhere.

Save Money

We keep our system constantly up-to-date with the latest features so you never have to. Avoiding costly upgrades and maintenance combined with never having to pay for installation hardware like an on-site system ensures that you’ll save more than headaches with VirtualPBX.


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