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5 VoIP Phone Features for EnterpriseYou make it a point to outwork the competition, you need a communications partner that can keep up. VirtualPBX enterprise solutions include a battery of critical features and cost-saving value. With universal device compatibility, we can also ensure that every employee has the best technology for them whether they are in the office or on the road. All of the enterprise VoIP options available to large organizations from VirtalPBX are hosted in the cloud. This means that our enterprise phone systems are infinitely scalable and customizable. Business decisions on this stage need to be executed as quickly as they’re made, and with VirtualPBX, you’re never left waiting for your business systems to catch up.

Enterprise VoIP Features for a Small Business Price

We won’t just power your system to do more for less, we’ll make sure you’re hedging against obsolescence with the right tools to use your enterprise VoIP plan, too. Our recommended hardware listings include the right options from companies like Yealink, Polycom, and Cisco that are all vetted to offer the right balance of performance and value for any enterprise. Why stop with just VoIP Phones? We also have a complete battery of business network routers, conference phones, and even the industry’s best in-house network services team available to keep your operations humming. And in addition to all of the class-leading features you’d expect from an enterprise phone system, we also have all of the best integrations and advanced features you’d expect from a fully functioning unified communications platform.

ACD Queues

The difference maker for large-scale business phone systems, ACD Queues intelligently route calls without any unnecessary friction. Ideal for both inbound call experience and for employee call management, ACD Queues from VirtualPBX come with everything you need to handle huge call volume and complex departments. By selecting any one of a variety of options, you can ensure even call distribution, skills-based call routing, overflow queues, self-managed agent presence, and even real-time queue monitoring with clear data visualizations.

ACD Queues on Dash Business Phone Plans


Complex businesses require complex systems for everything from inventory management to project management. With Webhooks we make it easy to integrate all of your critical business tools. Plus, by making Webhooks available as a trigger in the popular drag and drop integration tool Zapier, you can easily integrate your call data without writing a single line of code. If there is a process that your organization needs to link to the operations of your telephone system, you can rest assured that it is available as one of the over 750 most popular business systems applications already integrated into the Zapier ecosystem.

Connect Dash Webhooks with Zapier

VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone and Salesforce CRM Integration

Growth at scale has never been easier than with the help of Salesforce CRM software, and management of that platform has never been easier than with the VirtualPBX Softphone integration. By integrating the two leading CRM and VoIP platforms for enterprise, the resulting combination leads to a distinct competitive advantage. One-click calling and stunning and brilliant data visualization are all just the tip of the iceberg.

VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone + Salesforce CRM Integration

Call Recording

Quality control, training, and regulatory guidelines all have a hand in requiring a clean and easily managed inbound call recording system to be in place. Enterprises that require such a system need to look no further than to Inbound Call Recording. Plus, with a host of options for recording storage and management available, including sending files directly to cloud-based or on-site file storages, databasing and retrieving recordings is seamless, as well.

Auto Attendant

When an enterprise becomes a certain size, the allure of having a dedicated employee field all of the inbound calls must make way for the realities of enormous call volumes. The widely popular Auto Attendant is as much of an attraction for smaller organizations for its simplicity as it is a necessity for larger organizations for its scalability. Able to field thousands of concurrent calls simultaneously and customizable to route and forward them as an organization ses fit is what makes the Auto Attendant the most popular of all of VirtualPBX’s native, included features.

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Of course, the most important of all resources is time. That’s why our award-winning Customer Support team is dedicated to guiding you through any challenge while you on-board to a new VirtualPBX telephone system. Plus, because business on the global scale is never at rest, neither are we. We’re here, standing by, to help all of our international clients and those who have international interests, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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